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Her dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. Please watch this, at first I was so unsure if I should watch it or not, but after I watched it I fell in love with this series.

I'll make it short n clear. I love this drama so much that I can't get over it, too good to be real. The story is really tear jerking I never cried this much when watching dramas its like a roller coaster ride.

Made me a big fan of Lee Dong-wook too. Chemistry among the main four is so good that it is worth watching again and again. It's crazy how I could get so strong feelings after only three days.

I love this drama at first. At first I was a bit lost of the story but as I continue watching I can't stop until I realize it was over. PD Hwang thinks there is more to the story and the attack might be a warning of sorts, to warn Ha Myung off what he is investigating.

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Kinda felt bad for the second lead like I always do in almost every dramabut I fully support the canon because they are very cute together. Best drama I have ever watched so far!

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It has everything that I wanted. Its one of the movies that made kmovies.

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I mean, it's nice to watch a movie series that has attractive actors. The main lead actress becomes so pretty and tries to make her husband not marry the women who he cheated with while she was alive. Creative, amazing medical drama, easy to belive the romance, a must see This is the only drama in which I have not skipped any episodes Hmm, they try so hard to be funny that it's not that funny.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves comedy dramas!

I would definitely recommend it to someone who hasn't seen the drama yet. I enjoyed it a lot and recommend it but beware because you might lack of sleep trying to watch it all in one go! Da-jung and Yul end up at the hospital to pay a visit to her father, whom they find presumably still asleep.

Ha Myung hears that the attacker is the son of the bus company president and the attack was revenge for the reporters outing his dad as a liar. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. All three members of the Choi family immediately pick up a dish to offer to Ha Myung who just smiles to be back with family.

I am completely mesmerized by this show! Or such a stalker. I didn't like the heroin much but she definitely fit the bill as the story required that kind of a girl.

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And also his laughter, are probably the kind of laughter that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Did not cry or laugh but sweet romance.