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Si-yang and So-yeon prepare for a housewarming party.

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Jinwoon and Joon-hee's virtual marriage concludes. Sungjae and Joy arrive in Hainan for their trip.

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Jang Woo-young and Se-young go to the studio to record their duet. Determined not to be fired from her first professional job, Eun-seol works diligently at putting up with Ji-heon's childishness and keeping him in check.

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Solar initiates a 'Husband Helping Day' to promote Eric's new single. Yoonhan and So-yeon decorate their house.

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Cao Lu's mother visits the couple in Korea. Min-suk and Ye-won continue moving into their new home.

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Joon-hee prepares a surprise birthday party for Jinwoon. Se-ho and Cao Lu spend time with Se-ho's niece and nephew at their apartment.

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Se-young meets Jang Woo-young's friends and then mother during their trip in Busan. Min and Jin-young go to Saipan for their honeymoon.

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Min temporarily moves into Jin-young's home. Tae-joon accompanies Bo-mi to get her driving license.

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Jang Woo-young and Se-young go ice fishing, sledding and visit a jewelry store in Chuncheon. Sungjae and Joy continue their Chuseok celebration and then volunteer at an abandoned dog shelter. Na-eun gives Lee Tae-min a birthday surprise.

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Later, all the couples meet up for the event including SamSam couple, Ddong-ie couple and CaoCao couple. Min and Jin-young visit Jin-young's parents.

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Se-ho's parents visit the couple.