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Nonetheless, Leicester was finally recognised as a legal city once more in and, inagain became a cathedral city on the consecration of St Martin's Church as the Cathedral.

Economic migrants from the Irish Republic continued to arrive throughout the post war period. Immigrants from the Indian sub-continent began to arrive in the s, their numbers boosted by Asians arriving from Kenya and Uganda in the early s.

Inthe railway arrived in Leicester. Urban expansion; central rapprochement Central Leicester looking WNW Mass housebuilding continued across Leicester for some 30 years after The opening of the Haymarket Shopping Centre in was followed by a number of new shopping centres in the city, including St Martin's Shopping Centre in and the Shire Shopping Centre in Arch Victorious, formerly 'The War Memorial' in Victoria Park Leicester's diversified economic base and lack of dependence on primary industries meant it was much better placed than many other cities to weather the tariff wars of the s and Great Depression of the s.

Years of consistent economic growth meant living standards generally increased, but Leicester was a stronghold of Radicalism. The politics of Victorian Leicester were lively and very often bitter.

Many former factories, including some on Frog Island and at Donisthorpe Millhave been badly damaged by fire.

The city was sacked on 31 Mayand hundreds of people were killed by Rupert's cavalry. Royalist guns were set up on Raw Dykes and, after an unsatisfactory response to a demand for surrender,the assault began at 3pm on 30 May by a Royalist battery opposite the Newarke.

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InLeicester was selected as the base for Squadron 1F, the first A. These years witnessed the growth in the city of trade unionism and particularly the co-operative movement. Breaking open the doors, they killed all they found there without distinction. Sir Miles Fleetwood was sent to commission the disafforestation and division of lands being used in common.

The Co-op became an important employer and landowner; when Leicester played host to the Jarrow March on its way to London inthe Co-op provided the marchers with a change of boots. Many Polish servicemen were prevented from returning to their homeland after the war by the communist regime [43]and they established a small community in Leicester.

There were serious Chartist riots in the town in and again six years Xfm connexions dating. This guarrantee was made possible by the Public Health Act and an amending local Act of Parliament of Early 20th century Edwardian Leicester Inthe Great Central Railway provided another link Xfm connexions dating London, but the rapid population growth of the previous decades had already begun to slow by the time of Queen Victoria's death in However Professor Ludi Simpson at the University of Manchester School of Social Sciences said in September that the CRE had "made unsubstantiated claims and ignored government statistics" and that Leicester's immigrant and minority communities disperse to other places.

Thomas Cooperthe Chartistkept a shop in Church Gate. The boundary has remained unchanged since that time.

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The Corporation was later able to buy the waterworks and build another reservoir at Swithland, completed in the s. On his way south to face dubious justice at the Tower of Londonhe fell ill.

World War I and the subsequent epidemics had further impacts. In another amending Act enabled the Corporation to take shares in the company to enable Xfm connexions dating reservoir at Cropston, completed in The second half of the 19th century also witnessed the creation of many other institutions, including the town council, the Royal Infirmary, and the Leicester Constabulary.

Rail and barge were finally eclipsed by automotive transport in the s and s: Hosiery, textiles, and footwear became the major industrial employers: Firms such as Corah and Liberty Shoes used their reputation for producing high-quality products to expand their businesses.