Developers Q&A: Ranked Battles, Matchmaking, Game & Vehicle Changes, Premium Ammunition Developers Q&A: Ranked Battles, Matchmaking, Game & Vehicle Changes, Premium Ammunition

Wot matchmaking gold ammo, find the good stuff

AP, APCR, HE are all different rounds, which are for different purposes We want to achieve a state in which different ammo works differently, and its usage will differ in regard to the current situation on the battlefield. If Wargaming announced Bat. Despite its eight-year evolution, I still feel the same way about World of Tanks as I did way back when I first decided that battering armoured vehicles seemed like a fun way to kill an evening.

Wargaming will definitely do something with the middle tiers, but only after a pause between any announcement and actual change to give you time to research any tanks that a player would want.

Make premium ammunition available only for Gold again. Anomalies detected will be definitely changed, but there are no plans to radically change the experience formula anytime soon. Wargaming will wait until people shoot out all the rounds they bought for gold, which will probably be within a week, depending on how often someone shoots gold.

Will the cost of removing equipment change? At lower tiers, almost no work is going on right now. No details what the next segment is.

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Another solution is to completely redo the ammo economy. Later, medium and heavy tanks start to appear, along with predatory tank destroyers, and battles start to become more complex as a greater number of strategies become viable.

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The first step will be the cost adjustment. For example, spotting an enemy for the first time, or close combat give different amounts of experience. You might even win a match and still end up losing credits as you swallow the repair bill.

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A lot of prem tanks have their economics regulated by the price of their ammo. New features and changes to the Matchmaking are implemented almost every patch. There are usually at least a couple of players being communicative, though, and it just makes playing something like an SPG a lot more engaging.

How will you act? One option is to remove prem ammo completely. Then they will do rebalances with them. Tier X vehicles are continuously growing in RU Server. Matchmaking is universal, but how flexible it can be, depends on each server because of player numbers.

A lot of the heavy lifting is done by the obsessive graphics and audio engineers, whose work is newly highlighted in this 1. Change the whole economics of shooting.

Each class has different priorities. In any competitive game, the introduction of premium-only stuff divides the community into the haves and the have nots. Then the training wheels come off and it gets a bit messy.

With so many different types of tank, a lot can happen. And if so, is there any clarification?

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Hall of Fame was more or less successful and Wargaming likes it. Wargaming will investigate Wot matchmaking gold ammo they can change the experience system to make it clearer.

Take the process to unlock a new tank, for example. If World of Tanks 1. First Wargaming will make, then test, then show, then test again and show, then they test it once more but on a smaller level, then they release.

What plans do you have regarding premium ammo? Actions from other players around a player, can influence and change how much experience he earns for example.

Chat 25 t changes half a year before the planned changes, those announcements would be a lie at least twice: