Winchester Firearms Questions Winchester Firearms Questions

Winchester 94 dating serial number, did you know that your internet browser is out of date?

Some models could be fitted with sword style bayonets. How do you know that it is an original and authentic U.


The forend has a repair with a splice of wood added due to damage. When this happened with the Colt Revolving Riflea spray of metal would be sent forward into the left arm and hand of the user. The bore is really nice and the mechanics work fine. This entire piece is 38 inches long in the sheath.

The barrel has many markings and the bore is excellent.

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By Dan had his fill and left Lefever Arms Co. The bore is great!

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All serial numbers match on this gun on various parts. The bolt handle slants forward. A variation of the rifle developed especially for match shooting held the crown in the National Matches longer than any other rifle. This one is complete with the sheather which is also in excellent condition!

Vol. 2, Models of 1886 & 1892

Every part is illustrated in detail either in a drawing or photo. There is a shallow groove in the reverse stock next to the small lever with the III on it. Here we have a Colt Model Pocket Hammerless pistol that dates to Total estimated quantity for this model 2 was estimated at 1, and whatever is left is generally not in this good of condition as this one.

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Army for eleven years, it did so admirably and saw much hard fighting. So you see this little Colt pistol has a lot of history accompaning it!! This is a nice one!

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It has some waterstaining on it but otherwise is in great shape. The hinge of the box is still attached. This piece was most likely made about or so. Most of the shipping boxes made it plain that these were not the real thing, but once the box is lost, or the rifle on a table at a gun show, or listed on a gun auction site, how do you tell a reproduction from the original?

Henderson formed a new partnership in with T. The book also translates the codes and markings that often pinpoint its original and subsequent military units.

The rifle is in good overall condition and exhibits a great bore! An appendix contains a serial number listing organized both by manufacturing and shipping date. Sidecockers have been recorded in 10 ga, 12 ga, 14 ga, 16 ga, and 3 barrel guns. It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history with over 37 million units having been made since its inception inand, in spite of its age, it has been used in various conflicts around the world even up to the modern day, rugged, simple to use, and effective, much like the AK and its variants.

The nickel finish is very good with only an area of light frosting and a few chips that is less than normal.

For any other questions: The trigger guard is iron as well and you can see where the maker misjudged his length on the front part of that trigger guard. The barrel is 30 inches long and although I can see rifling down in it the barrel has pitting from black powder.

There is no manual safety. The butt stock and butt plate are original and in good condition. This one has the 25 inch barrel which exhibits nice rifling.

The ramrod looks like an original wooden ramrod but most are replaced so I'm not sure about this one. Volume 4, The Pattern and U.

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