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However, Rhys and Beth make people believe Michaela is lying, due to her apparent drug abuse. As Michaela's behaviour grows out of control, Myra ends up slapping her, and she moved in with Amy and Ste. However, Amy throws her out when Ste frames her for stealing money.

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Despite her innocence, people still refuse to believe that Michaela is not a drug addict. Josh apologises to Michaela for not believing her.

They opined that while Michaela was off-screen, she was most likely involved in "yet more scrapes". They added that when Michaela Will darbyshire dating with her best friend and "partner in-crime", Amy Barnes Ashley Slanina-Davies - "you'd better believe she's up to no good.


Amy is furious with Michaela and ends their friendship. When Ste dumps Amy, Michaela's nasty streak becomes apparent when she begins teasing her, before going off with Wayne and Ste, leaving Amy upset and alone.

After returning home, Michaela moves in with Niall, unaware he injected her. Michaela eventually develops a crush on him, and is jealous when he begins a relationship with Zoe Carpenter Zoe Lister.

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However, they later get back together, and are arrested for shoplifting on Michaela's sixteenth birthday. She reveals she has split from Zak and is now dating a man called Michael who she is living with. Support from local businesses, who donate food, funds or both, is gratefully received, and vital.

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Bowes said that Michaela has not changed because "she's always Will darbyshire dating to get up to mischief". A writer from the serial's official website described Michaela as always ready "for a bit of McQueen scheming" and said she has always had to fight to gain attention for herself.

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The programme's production were so "enraged" with Bowes' behaviour, that they quickly wrote Michaela out of the show. They huddle together, cupping their hands over their mouths and stamping their feet.

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Myra soon discovers notes from all her children, and finds them tied up by Niall in a church. However, Amy is badly injured and taken to hospital.

For the volunteers who willingly give up their time to be here, helping out is rewarding in many ways. More people join them, until there is quite a crowd on the pavement, standing to one side of the late evening shoppers.

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The warm hall is filled with the wholesome smells of cooking. Michaela drunkenly sleeps with Zak Ramsey Kent Rileybut the next day both regret it. It changes your life, and your outlook on life.

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Firstly by injecting Michaela with heroin. The volunteers are also making up Christmas boxes.

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After Lee leaves for New York, she helps Amy get over her grief. Michaela and Sonny plan to sleep together, but are interrupted by Sonny's brother, Calvin Ricky Whittle. Ste flees the scene. Sitting alone at one table, one softly spoken man tells how he lost his home when his mother - a tenant in her property - died.

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Tables are neatly laid, ready for diners, and soon the space is almost full. That night, Myra finds a note supposedly from Michaela saying she is going to London on a journalism course, unaware she has actually been kidnapped by Niall.