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Who is nicole dating on days of our lives, there are a few that you may not know about. take a look at who is dating who in real life.

Eric noted the tension between himself and Nicole.

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Meanwhile, Nicole's feelings for Eric were growing so much that Brady finally noticed and confronted Nicole about them. She was heartbroken, but determined to make both of them pay.

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But she was always held back by a fear of someone -- viewers weren't sure who -- finding out where she lived. Instead, she told Eric that they needed to elope because Daniel was in love with her. He confronts her about the matter. Nicole even helped Brady cover up his crime- burying Vivian alive in a sarcophagus.

Rafe tried infecting Nicole's computer with a virus and stealing the video.

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Once she realized Stan was Sami, she attempted to Dating rituals in greece Sami out of the water, but Sami had the goods on Nicole. In October and at 37 weeks pregnant, Nicole goes to her prenatal visit but her doctor informs her that her baby is dead.

Frustrated with all of the mind games, Jennifer kicked Nicole out of the Horton house. Victor had Nicole arrested, but did not press charges. He told her that he'd never forgive her.

Nicole cried and admitted that she had, in fact, made the whole thing up to keep Daniel from going back to Jennifer.

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As the two continue working together, Nicole's old feelings for Eric resurface. Daniel wanted to protect Nicole, but he wasn't ready for that type of commitment.

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Daniel told Nicole to tell Eric, or he would. So, Nicole made it her mission to convince him otherwise.

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But, when Nicole fainted, he took her to the hospital. Nicole names the child, Sydney only for her lies to be exposed when the child's father, Chad Peterson-Woods Casey Deidrick tries to sue for custody.

But, Chyka was able to overpower Nicole and escape. When Brady discovered Chloe was alive, he accused Nicole of masterminding Chloe's "death," and kicked Nicole out of his life.

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Needing a safer place to stay, Nicole moved in with Brady. Horrified, Nicole asked Vargas not to say anything.

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Father Matt suggested that everyone would understand if he wanted to find a different way to serve the church. Knowing that Eric would deny her help due to her feelings for him, Nicole fabricates a fake romance with Daniel, assuring Eric she is over him.

This time, Nicole couldn't talk herself out of it. Luke's, the bishop had seen the video as well and opened an investigation into Eric's actions. EJ finds out that Nicole is pregnant and Rafe steps in claiming the child is his leading him and Nicole to fabricate this story to keep the baby from EJ.

One of them was the doctor Kristen used, Dr. Liam was killed in the struggle. Meanwhile, Nicole's first assignment as a reporter was to cover the "sex scandal" at St. He initially was going to wipe their memories with his drugs, but instead opens a gas line in the basement and leaves Nicole and Eric to die, either by asphyxiation or an eventual explosion.

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