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Unfortunately, the letter mischaracterises the undertaking as an undertaking not to make an adverse finding against Mr. It may have the effect of turning a civilian structure into a command and control theatre of intrigue and subterfuge.

Van Loggerenberg, marginalization by SARS's senior management and some discrepancies in the manner in which resources are allocated to projects. We considered afresh all the evidence that was placed before it.

Van Loggerenberg by Ms. To do so would have made a mockery of the process. We were also mindful that the onus to prove the strength of the allegations against him did not lie with him as he remained the subject of such accusations. The individual persons had some liberty to make broad oral submissions as deemed necessary.

It recruited from universities and institutions of learning, targeting what apartheid security apparatus saw as bright-stars who could be easily trained to operate under-cover in unique political environments of Who is fikile moeti dating movements.

It is for this reason that we allowed Mr. Many of those we interviewed lamented such activity as it undermined their daily efforts to meet SARS's constitutional and legislative mandate.

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Several of their submissions were of such a nature that the persons who made them require protection of their identities. This resolve and commitment is recorded in various Budget Speeches of Ministers of Finance.

Van Loggerenberg's counsel had advised her that he was confident that the panel would find in favour of Mr. In this spirit, where the panel received a request that would have exposed a witness or undermined the terms of reference, such request was declined.

That is to be expected because all institutions of a given country will reflect most of society's dynamics and contradictions.

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Most of the senior managers interviewed by the panel fully concurred with this sentiment. Where her evidence is irrelevant to the specific terms of reference, the panel disregarded it for purposes of determining Mr. We were told that his work in this area speaks for itself.

It is important to state that despite all the evidence of poor judgment that we have encountered in our investigation, including rogue conduct by individuals and acts of illegality, SARS as an institution remains an efficient, hardworking and able revenue service.

Second, their falsehoods notwithstanding, the panel was able to obtain information from many other more truthful officials and sources.

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Walter during their attempt to settle their litigation. Maritz SC, as our esteemed colleague. We viewed this allegation in the most serious light. Van Loggerenberg and Ms.

In alphabetical order, the persons who became members of the Who is fikile moeti dating Projects Unit were the following: Unlike those who raised this issue as improper, he told the panel that this happened when his name was misspelt when his email address was composed.

However, the panel was not unsympathetic to these issues, but the some of them did not relate to the questions for which the investigation was convened.

She admitted this role to the panel during an interview with her. We do so only in so far as her own complaint and evidence point to acts of impropriety or poor judgment on the part of Mr.

In other words, what is the enabling statute? The evidence reveals good intentions, implemented in reckless haste. Van Loggerenberg to appear with both his attorney and Senior Counsel. Walter dismissed allegations that she was a spy as "outlandish, ridiculous", she describes herself as having been an agent of the SSA, at least until she as she contends cut her formal ties with the SSA at the end of