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Eventually, you'll realize that, but at first, it seems like you have to do what others are doing - and you don't!

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Getty Images Phase 2: So rather than jumping from one thread to another, dive deeper into each one. If you want to get rid of that stress and make it easier to relax and have a great time then stop worrying about getting a particular outcome from this first online date.

Dating start as friends

Same goes for being decisive: Be yourself, but don't expose anything too out there. But try to remember to be your own person also. Do you ever cook?

Ice dating techniques

What it will do? Loosen up, but don't go too wild.

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If you could be any person for a day, who would it be? Getty Images Phase 5: Where did you go to school? If you get the urge, step up your game and act your age.

Do you have any siblings? You just might end up as one of those Source: Politics, religion, exes, and income.

11 Things NOT to do on a First Dateā€”and What to do Instead

Ask your date questionsbut don't act like an interrogator. You shouldn't feel embarrassed, but you might feel too timid to speak up about what feels good. Are you more of a TV person, or do you prefer movies?