Does photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur during the day Does photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur during the day

What happens during photosynthesis and cellular respiration, where does a plant make its food?

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So how does yeast make bread rise? In the process of making sugar, plant cells also lock some of the energy they collected from sunlight into the sugar molecule. Plants perform both cellular respiration and photosynthesis during the day, but only perform cellular respiration during the night because of the lack of light.

What Are the Reactants of Photosynthesis?

The carbon dioxide acts as a blanket. Respiration is the opposite of photosynthesis, and is described by the equation: That just doesn't add up!

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If you look at the illustration from our book, below, you'll see why: Conclusion That's it, folks. You will get way more practice balancing chemical equations when you study chemistry in 8th grade science.

Photosynthesis builds up a plant's energy stores, cellular respiration uses the plant's energy stores.


The theoretical maximum yield of cellular respiration is 36 ATP per molecule of glucose metabolized. Compare photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

One common example is yeast. During cellular respiration, molecules of glucose are broken down in order to convert the stored energy into a usable form of energy.

So, they are forced to switch to fermentation, and lactic acid is produced.

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Have a look at this illustration from your book: During glycolysis, glucose is broken down to pyruvic acid, yielding 2 ATP of energy. No matter how hard your lungs and heart work to get oxygen to the cells in your leg muscles, they still aren't getting enough to produce all the energy they need through cellular respiration.

When sunlight hits the earth, it can't radiate back into space because of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are present in the atmosphere. When mitochondria combine glucose with oxygen to produce energy, they are "burning" the sugar through a process called oxidation.

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This answer is not exhaustive. Just like your book explains, you've probably experienced fermentation yourself when you've had to run the Wednesday mile and you've really pushed yourself to get a good grade.

Photosynthesis can broadly be thought of as the exact opposite of cellular respiration. You will understand more than you think if you just stop once in a while and try to make a connection between what is going on in the video and what you have already learned.

This process is called the "dark reaction" and takes place in the stroma. For the full process, including all of the enzymes utilized, please talk to a biology professor or look into the purchase of a molecular biology text.

There is another way that fermentation caused by yeast is important. Producers are able to make their own food. That's how grape juice is turned into wine!