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The World Needs Heroes. Season 5 Ep 6: Despite giving it their best shot, both couples Craig and Naomie and Austen and Chelsea have finally called it quits. Cameran tries an old fashioned trick to get baby Palmer to make an appearance with the gang.

Season 10 Ep 7: Thomas has a new love interest, and all of Charleston is buzzing about what will happen when she finally meets Kathryn. Kathryn finally meets Ashley, the woman determined to be the next Mrs. Meanwhile, Thomas considers his future with Ashley.

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Naomie gets wind of Craig's new crush, and turns Austen's Halloween party into a house of horrors when she comes face to face with the woman. Meanwhile, the girls ban together in support of one another and Naomie stands up to JD in defense of Elizabeth; leading to the ultimate BBQ showdown.

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Meanwhile, Kathryn is celebrating her second year of sobriety and finally has a place of her own near her children. Austen's parents push him to make some strides professionally, while Craig hires a coach to help him get his life on track. Season 5 Ep 2: Season 5 Ep 1: Patricia tries to make Ashley into the perfect Southern Belle and hosts a dinner party with the men of Charleston to test her skills.

As Cameran begins to face the realities of becoming a new mother, Kathryn makes up for lost time with her kids.

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Madison introduces Cody to his entire family while in Arizona, and pops a big question. The Brits throw a huge party at their new high-rise penthouse listing, but when long-time rivals Altman and Flagg come face to face sparks fly.

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Tensions flare at a beachfront argument, changing one relationship for good. After spending time with Cameran, Chelsea begins to fear motherhood may never be in her future.

Austen concocts a plan to get Craig back in the dating saddle. Season 5 Ep 9: At the party, it seems Thomas only has eyes for Kathryn When the last flare up comes, it's Austen who gets burned when a flirtation with Chelsea comes back to haunt him.

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Season 10 Ep 8: Season 10 Ep 9: Tracy 's client wants to sell her two properties in the Hollywood Hills, but has lofty expectations on price. Season 5 Ep 7: Season 5 Ep 4: Season 5 Ep 8: Josh Flagg teams up with the Brits for a co-list in Los Feliz, but a crazy seller might throw them off their game before they can get it sold.

At the shower, Craig and Naomie fall back into old habits and an unexpected guest turns the event on its head. Meanwhile, Shep steps in to help Austen and Chelsea define their relationship.

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