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A Virgo with a Cancer ascendant and a Capricorn Moon, for example, would be a horse of a different gait. Such bright moments of fantasy will guarantee him a much-needed emotional balance when he grows up. It's not easy for Virgos to relax sufficiently to enjoy the carefree social swim, because they're basically uncomfortable in crowds.

They were meant to be calm and soothing when their intricate and delicate mechanisms are running smoothly and the wheels aren't clogged with brain fatigue. She'll climb the tallest mountains and storm the raging seas in galoshes and a pea jacket, once the spirit of Mercury has been exalted, which can considerably dim that wispy, chiffon image.

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She'll dust off all your old dreams and make them shine again, and you'll have a woman who will never borrow your razor or use your toothbrush for her mascara. He's not an angel. * Rate Your Compatibility

The Virgo astrologer will split hairs over his Polynesian online dating investigation, the Virgo poet will use precise meter, the Virgo painter will concentrate on detail and the Virgo actor or actress will ma.

This boss will not overlook the sloppy mistakes of a secretary who constantly misspells words, wears ink blots on her thumbs and forgets to water his geraniums. In general, underplay the whole scene. Then each Sun sign will answer to the vibrations of its rightful ruler-twelve signs and twelve heavenly bodies.

Frank Sinatra's friends have learned that when the singer says "dinner at eight," he means eight, and not eight-fifteen or eight-thirty.

She has her negative traits, and they can be very trying. Their love match connects them physically and intellectually. They are incredibly smart and look for the same in a lover. You'll have a husband who's alert and well-informed, who won't expect you to wait on him hand and foot or expect you to run around looking sexy all the time with a dab of perfume behind each ear and a rose in your teeth.

However, once they do decide to get married and build a family of their own, they make loving and caring mothers although they may have initial reservations about motherhood.

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Aries embodies passion but must respect the delicacy of Virgo. This includes carefully examining her strengths, weaknesses as well as her pros and cons. If he's a typical Virgmian youngster, he'll prefer a smaller pet.

Don't try to feed your little Virgo applesauce when he wants peaches or you may be in for a long siege. The Virgo man sexually can be demanding and vulnerable. This is because she is a highly complex and intelligent individual who prefers to criticize everything carefully before making a decision.

As for the apologies, keep them brief and accurate.

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If a serious relationship is desired, Virgo will deliver. When a Virgo makes an error, which will be rare, point it out tactfully if you want to keep his friendship. The thunderous Vulcan will also yvs to Virgos their astrological inheritance of courage and sonfidence, and will release many of the typical Virgo nhibitions.

She'll nurse you like an angel when you're ill, and she won't embarrass you by flirting with your best friend.

They'll be just as concerned as the teacher with correcting it, perhaps more so. When demands become excessive, Virgo will balk and make his objections quiet clear, perhaps too clear. A Virgo woman is most likely well versed in many subjects and will enjoy having her mind seduced along with her body.

When it comes right down to the nitty gritty, he's looking for a wife-not a mistress in any sense of the word.

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If she truly feels that you are genuine and true, she will give you everything she has, heart, mind and soul. This girl has a mental block when it comes to admitting she's wrong-like a block of wood right in front of her brain-so you'd be smart to take the blame right away.

You'll have to be alert and on your toes if you want a promotion from Virgo. Don't expect him to respond with any great display of ecstatic surrender even after he's committed, and while he's still deciding if you're really the one for whom he'll forsake his single state, he'll play it mighty cool, indeed.

This is the very last man in the world you can expect to find running off with a topless Go-Go girl, though he might loan her his sweater if she's chilly. This has been explained to be as a result of her cautious nature to ensure everything important is in place before they can make love to anyone.

Your jvirgo lover holds no illusions.