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Why did you do what you did to me? In spite of his refusal to spend time with his kids being a central plot point all season, she called him a "fantastic dad. I felt betrayed by him. The bad boy with all that chemistry and all that passion, or is it like a strong, stable man that I know I can count on at all times?

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I've got a business thriving. I feel like I went through that to learn a life lesson. I don't want to go through this heartache anymore. I don't know why he did what he did, but he wasn't a monster.

Brooks Ayers Net Worth is $150 Thousand.

I got my business suffering. So I lay down for two days and just prayed, journaled…little by little I was able to get my strength back mentally. Only if they choose to be here. A time to grow and begin again. But we need to move on.

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We had a great ride. If Brooks were to turn up now what would you say to him? My first husband, Don, who I was married to for 20 years…you don't just forget about them. Nobody can throw up and have fevers the way that he did.

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What's the best part about being a Housewife? It was actually August 4th of last year when everything was starting to tumble around. Vicki asked repeatedly to stop talking about it, but Andy pushed on, grilling Kelly Dodd on why she was so quick to defend Vicki when everyone else was against her.

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I don't want to ever be divorced again. My emotions are still sad more than anything that, number one, I have known this man for 10 years.

I'm not getting all those words of affirmation and all the things I need.

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I had a brutal year. Gosh no, I'm not going to give up my show. Dating 20 questions would fake going to doctors the way he did.

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I started at 42 years old, I just turned 54, so I started 12 years ago. I wouldn't take my life Can you believe that? Shannon came prepared, though, and revealed that she had seen all the proof that Kelly herself had once broken up a marriage by dating a married man when she and Michael were separated.

I never, ever thought that it would end this way… I was just so, so sad. There's been talk he might be running for mayor, would that mean you have to give up the show?

'RHOC' Star Brooks Ayers Is Married, Says He's 'Never Been Happier' | Entertainment Tonight

She is a great addition because she is a little bit of a calming force between Tamra and I. I don't think I'll ever be the same after that experience.

And in my case when reading a client, the person that is most wanted, without my knowledge, does show up, but not always.