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Some maintenance procedures require daily attention, whereas others may require only yearly checkups. It is recommended that an administrator follow the UPS guidelines provided by the manufacturer at least once a month.

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There are currently no logon servers available to service the request" If I try to validate from serverB I get the error: This allows the administrator to determine what needs to be audited, and why, without creating an abundance of overhead. This allows you to easily customize the features to be monitored.

As a best practice, organizations should keep event logs for at least three months. However, auditing is also important to gain insight into how the network, network devices, and systems are accessed. This information can be very detailed and take a significant amount of resources.

Chapter 7: Operating Your Windows Server Environment

There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. When a disk quota is set, a specified amount of space on a volume can be set aside for a user or a group. Verify that a DC is available and then try again. Microsoft packages these updates into service packs or individually.

In other words, if a lot of information is captured and a significant amount of effort is required to evaluate those audit logs, the whole outcome of auditing is not as effective. Weekly Maintenance Maintenance procedures that require slightly less attention than daily checking are categorized as weekly procedures: Disk quotas are used to control the amount of disk space that is available to the end users.

For example, banks or other high-security organizations may be required to keep event logs up to a few years. The specific amount of time to keep archived log files varies on a per-organization basis.

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SUS communicates directly and securely with Microsoft to gather the latest service packs and updates. Monthly Maintenance It is recommended that you perform the tasks outlined in the section on a monthly basis. Warning messages can be sent as the quota approaches the limit. Windows Update is a great way to update individual systems, but this method is sufficient for only a small number of systems.

Updating Automated System Recovery Sets. The maintenance processes and procedures that an organization follows depend strictly on the organization; however, the categories described in the following sections and their corresponding procedures are best practices for organizations of all sizes and varying IT infrastructures.

Auditing is turned on by default to record the success and failure of security events. Keep approximately 25 percent free space on all volumes. Are printers printing properly?

Checking Archive Event Logs. Can users access messaging systems? They include, but are not limited to, administering and supervising servers based on functional roles, proactively monitoring the network environment, keeping track of activity, and implementing solid change control practices.

No matter how the roles and responsibilities are defined in the environment, it is important to manage them appropriately based on the roles of the server.