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Additional information supplied by Neil Johnson. His replica of the Biblical Tabernacle was visited in Jerusalem by several crowned heads of state, toured the United Kingdom, and was exhibited at the Vienna World's Fair.

His final model, in four sections, each representing the Temple Mount as it appeared in a particular era, was exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair of According to local press reports, the building would be an "exact replica" of the ancient Temple of Solomon, [12] but with increased dimensions, despite resembling considerably more Herod's Temple [ citation needed ].

The temple was inaugurated on July The former Synagogue on Cathedral Road. Correct church name courtesy of Gerard Charmley.

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Johnon St. At one time it was used by the congregation for services. Robert advises that the church closed inand as of is being converted into flats see news item. This, and many other old engravings on this website, are reproduced from the downloadable books on the Unitarian Church Headquarters website here.

Another viewfrom the opposite side. It finally closed in Lake Chautauqua stands in for the Mediterranean. Trinity Church was the original Non-Conformist Church in Cardiff, but all that remains is a building site. James the Great on Newport Road. Tredegarville Baptist Church on The Parade.

My appreciation also to Mike Berrell for his efforts in this regard. The Baptists subsequently moved into Bethel when Independents left.

Thanks to Gerard Charmley for the Church identification and history.

Thanks to Neil Johnson for supplying the church's name. Tabernaclein The Hayes, central Cardiff. Schott's model, known as the Uckg dating site temple modelis still displayed in the Hamburgmuseum in Hamburg. Butetown Bethel Baptist Church - originally a Welsh Independent Chapel, the Signs dating loser having moved here from a church in Mountstuart Square they sold it to the Baptists.

The mega-church seats 10, worshipers and stands feet tall, the height of an story building. Two of Schick's models are located in the basement of the Schmidt school for girls in east Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate. His model has been recognized as the most authentic version of the temple in the world.

Scale models[ edit ] Portrait of Schick and his model of the Jewish temple In the seventeenth century, Rabbi Jacob Judah Leon of Amsterdam — built a widely exhibited model of the Temple based on his understanding of the biblical specifications.

Only the frontage survives - offices have built on behind. Present church usage courtesy of Gerard Charmley. An old postcard viewfrom Robert Hellier's Collection.