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Transition from dating to marriage. Transitions - for your marriage

Transitioning from Dating to Marriage - By Emily - Good Women Project

At some point between hearing the re-telling of the engagement story, squealing that was me, not my husband over the perfect ring, and dreaming about the beautiful wedding to come, the couple mentioned that they wanted to know how we made the transition from dating to marriage, and what was the secret to our happiness.

So what was the problem? What could I possibly tell this couple to think about as they prepared to transition from dating to marriage?

It is a constant temptation to dream about easier times, more exciting work, or the fulfillment of our passing fancies.

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In most instances, human nature is to cling to what we have, even though the new situation may have much to teach us. In our first year or marriage, my husband and I had Saturday morning cleanup — we had a chore chart seriously, pretty sure there were gold stars involved and we traded duties each week.

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It hit me like a bolt of lightning. We also set up times to review our finances usually monthlyand made a weekly list of errands that needed to be done.

Transitioning from Dating to Marriage – By Emily

But as marriage experts tell us, we can prosper in marriage despite our aching relationship muscles. After all, your psyche is absorbing a major life change.

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Throughout these experiences, it has been, at times, hard to be upbeat. Other than for me to tell you that it just called me out. It is a problem for us as young people.


My boss of the last four and a half years a priest will be reassigned to another place in June. However, this makes living our daily lives as Christians more difficult. I am a woman who prefers to keep my problems to myself, my fears silent, my bills and paperwork handled on my own, and be fully responsible for everything.

Last year, Justin and I were so excited for all the changes that were taking place. We used to have so much fun. We gazed at each other with goo-goo eyes in the produce section, laughed in the baked goods aisle, and decided we were MEANT TO BE when he answered the tough question of pulp or no pulp in the orange juice aisle correctly answer: This reminds me of our hope in the resurrection and our Easter joy.

Leave behind false idealisms, fantasies, and what I usually call mystical wishful thinking: We watched him meet Christ in the ordinary.

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Finally, we would be married! So, thank you Emily for encouraging me to do this, and reminding me that it is worth it.