Dating a Man with Depression: What You Need to Know and Do - Talkspace Online Therapy Blog Dating a Man with Depression: What You Need to Know and Do - Talkspace Online Therapy Blog

Things to know when dating someone with depression, 2. we probably won’t fit into the depression stereotype

Get creative with activities and date ideas that call for both of you to be actively engaged in making it a success.

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I thought once he got a job, he would find his peace. If this happens, choose your words carefully. You should also consider seeing a therapist yourself.

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Depression can come back out of the blue and really surprise us Seriously. It will allow you to better understand what he is going through and lead by example if he is resistant to therapy.

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To walk across without blowing up the relationship, take the steps we outlined in this guide: I feel accepted, depression and all, and that you are here to support me. However, you can offer care in the form of support: When we're dating someone, we want to save them and be the one who makes everything better.

Remember that your partner has an illness.

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Be curious about what your partner is feeling, wanting, and needing. You both need to learn to be supported, to offer support, to experience connection when it seems unlikely, to use new language, and to meet each other's needs as well your own needs.

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I felt horrible, but if I didn't do that, I don't know where I would be today. This involves asking your man to make a prediction about how pleasant or unpleasant he thinks an activity or event will be on a scale of one to 10 — 10 being amazing and zero being horrendous.

It's so easy to fall into this way of thinking, that you can take away this person's depression.

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When I dated my ex, I was so hung up on the thought that I could "fix" him, that I could take away his depression, that I let it control me and our relationship. I read a lot of questions from you guys about depressed significant others.

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Partner B the depression sufferer: Communicate with your partner using new language. Language is powerful in itself, but a depressed person will read into what you say, take it deeply personally, and analyse it for hours until it confirms every bad thing we think about ourselves.

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