Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf: The Oracle of Dating by Allison van Diepen Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf: The Oracle of Dating by Allison van Diepen

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This book is one of the most enjoyable, lightest books I have read up until now! Not everything that happens is happy, but the friendships and situations are realistic, there is no violence, there are no space aliens or dragons, and maybe you get a happy ending out of it.

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He reminded me of Christian Ozera, actually Kayla only thinks about dating, Kayla's friends only speak about dating, Kayla's sister only speaks about dating, etcetera.

It was sad to see them breaking up, and Kayla trying to deal with her broken heart.

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I see all of the Sunday couples walking around holding hands. Kayla immediately uses her Oracle of Dating skills to decide exactly how long she must wait before embarking on h Hell, I was wrong.

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I usually meet her in Manhattan on weekends for lattes, which she insists on paying for. Jared surprises Kayla by giving dumping her. She has a Relationship advice website.

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She is in total shock and just confused. Kayla is a fantastic main character, because she Can someone say rebound???

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Sure, I thought Kayla totally misinterpreted Jared's need for space and put herself through unnecessary heartbreak - however, Jared let her do so, so the blame still falls on his shoulders!

Apparently, she has learned a lot from them. Alisha Marie How do you rate a book that is just run-of-the-mill fluff that's far from deep, yet is really fun? Jared is dark, mysterious, funny and an artist.

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But to my utter surprise, I finished it in merely two hours, I guess Begitu selesai menamatkan buku ini, menurut saya ceritanya remaja banget, seru dan menarik.

I liked this book too freaking much. Ini kali pertama saya baca karyanya Allison van Diepen, dan cukup membuat saya jatuh cinta.