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They are soundly defeated by a Girl Scout troop in a local qualifying match but win by default when the Scouts are disqualified because of one member's steroid and beaver tranquilizer use. Chuck Norris casts the tie-breaking vote allowing the team to play. Peter is shocked when a girlfriend of Kate's kisses her passionately, but Kate then reveals that she is bisexual and kisses Peter as well.

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Inspired by a vision of Patches, Peter blindfolds himself and is able to dodge White's throw and strike him, winning the championship and the prize money.

The night before Are you dating match, Patches is killed by a falling sign. Patches volunteers to coach the team. Steve, now with a The dating coach pelicula online normal appearance, returns to the group after Peter apologizes to him, only to return to his pirate persona.

Average Joe's employees Dwight and Owen and members Steve "the Pirate", Justin, and Gordon try to raise the money needed to save the gym. Attorney Katherine "Kate" Veatch is working on the transaction for White.

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Peter expresses his anxiety that the team will lose and tells Steve that he is not a pirate, causing Steve to leave the team. At the tournament in Las Vegas, Average Joe's suffers early setbacks but manages to advance to the final round against Globo Gym.

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Because Globo Gym is a public companyhe purchases a controlling interest in it, thus regaining Average Joe's, and fires White. When he defaults on the gym's mortgageit is purchased by his rival, the arrogant White Goodman, a fitness guru and owner of the Globo Gym across the street.

Kate demonstrates skill at the game but declines to join the team as it would be a conflict of interest. They form a team with Peter and watch a s-era training video narrated by dodgeball legend Patches O'Houlihan and a year old boy named Timmy.

Peter is approached by the aging Patches, who is a wheelchair user.

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The day of the final round, Justin leaves to help his classmate Amber with a cheerleading competition, leaving the team without enough members to compete. Peter has a chance encounter with Lance Armstrongwho talks him into rejoining his team.

After an intense game, Peter and White face off in a sudden-death match to determine the winner. White spies on Average Joe's using a hidden camera in a cardboard cutout of himself, and forms his own dodgeball team to defeat them. But he and Justin return too late; Average Joe's has already forfeited the match.

Patches's training regimen includes throwing wrenches at the team, forcing them to dodge oncoming cars, and constantly berating them with insults.

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Peter opens youth dodgeball classes at a newly renovated Average Joe's, while White develops morbid obesity. Then White arranges for Kate to be fired from her law firm, imagining she will now date him.

Gordon finds a loophole in the rules: White unsuccessfully attempts to seduce her; she is repulsed but just says she does not date clients. Enraged, but now free of conflict, she joins the Average Joe's team.

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She develops a close friendship with Peter.