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Remember when Kitty was just a regular housewife and occasional Straight Man to the others, instead of an alcoholic who was obsessed with her son to a creepy degree?

Actually, according to several behind the scenes videos, this show is built on corpsing.

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But he still has Rosie Rosie Palm, that is. Not surprisingly, this shuts Eric up. When you were with someone and were really in love and everything was perfect, but you lost them for some reason or another, you would want to remember them.

Season 5 September—December [ edit ] In September,the show underwent additional changes for the fifth and final season. It's likely just a reference to McLean's unhappiness with the way music was going.

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Kelso thinks his old van is cool but his friends aren't too impressed. No one could compete against the Beatles. Wow, Donna, that was really detailed. I think this is proof enough of what this song really means.

It could also refer to record stores as "sacred" because this is where one goes to get "saved". Fez also has quite the potty mouth, if we consider all of his "son of a bitch" moments.

They even mention one pill making you larger and one pill making you small. Although no one related to cancer, but i see things like you can check out any time as you can die at any time but you can never live as Dating crack addict can never be cured.

The James Taylor Story. Sorry to dissapoint anyone's theory as i was pretty dissapointed myself when i first read about it, i used to think it was a cry for his father Eric Fletcher Waters who died on the beaches at Anzio in World War 2. What do you think? Their relationship is generally the main focus of the show.

Back then, dancing was an expression of love, and carried a connotation of commitment. Bad Company's "Shooting Star" According to the lead singer, Paul Rodgers, the song is a story, and it's almost a warning.

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Listening to the words of this song give it a whole new meaning when you put yourself in David Gate's place and think of your loved ones that have passed on. It also kind of talks about just getting out and living. It was written and sung by Brian May, who received a degree in physics and was working on an advanced degree in astronomy at the time he composed the song.

It is also likely that these lines are meant to garnish rock 'n' roll with religious imagery, because most of the early musicians, including Holly, got their start in church choirs or by singing hymns.

Charlie Parker also has a famous song about it.

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I won't make it any other way. If we keep on over analising these legendary songs we really end up missing the point altogether. In the end the lyrics alone are only half the song, one must truly listen to the tone in which it is presented to pick up the intent of the song.

I won't go to the 'it's-happening' place. While he is a nerd through and through, he is far from ugly. By Buddy in Season 1. When he was in the mental hospital he met a girl named Susan and they began dating.

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She is never seen again. A New Hopeand all of them like it, with no hint that Eric is especially enthralled by it; if anything, Kelso is the one who is too obsessed with it.

This was the only time Valerie was ever mentioned, and nearly immediately after that, the three Pinciottis Bob, Midge and Donna were described by Bob as "the whole family.

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This is a lament of the decline of the dance music of the '50s. As soon as the man dumps his wife, she buys a guns and kills both the cheating husband and the gypsy lover.

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Bye, bye Miss American Pie 5 Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry 6 Them good ol' boys were drinkin' whiskey 'n' rye 7 Singin this will be the day that I die.

More and more often as time goes on. The lady in white pale, wrapped in a grave shroud comes to him while he is alone and he can't look away mesemerism.