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Matters worsened for Dorit when Kyle started complaining again, this time getting angry at Dorit's earlier suggestion that she may have played a part in Erika getting so upset at so-called 'pantygate', when Dorit gifted Erika underwear after she was seen not wearing some.

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She's had a horrible, tumultuous ride dealing with divorce. The women gathered for a fashion show for the new swimwear line Beverly Beach by Dorit Runway show: Jessica When does season 7 of New Yoerk housewives start?

Models got ready behind the scenes with the help of Dorit Stylish offerings: V was the absolute BEST!

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Harry Hamlin and his wife Lisa Rinna talked about how she's been above the fray Erika, meanwhile, talked proudly of writing a book. Russell is thought to have told executives of plans to sue them based on the fact that they screened footage of his then-wife discussing problems in their marriage.

And now here she is.

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Dorit was upset with Kyle for ruining yet another special night for her, but still supported her new show American Woman 'Even though Kyle ruined yet another night for me, I'll always be there to support her,' Dorit said, insisting she 'doesn't have any fight left in me' to respond when Kyle apologized for her behavior the previous night.

Standing up for her career: Again,' Kyle complained, with Dorit looking teary-eyed as she said: And then when we lost her.

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He will be the soul reason I stop watching that show. Beverly Beach by Dorit featured skimpy outfits Big show: Bravo and NBC decided that Russell and Taylor were more trouble than they were worth, and decided to end filming with them, as soon as it became apparent that Russell was going to continue down that path.

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Both of them are so fake I cant stand it! Had it been me Dating market research might have happily taken the time in jail to deck them!!!

In the next episode of the reality TV show, she can be seen revealing to the cast that she and her husband were finally splitting for good Advertisement.

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A close source told RadarOnline: She also shared her outlook on life saying: I will stop watching this show if they bring this couple back! Erika Girardi was looking forward to publishing her new memoir Swimsuit star: Lisa initially claimed the decision had only been made the previous day, but flashbacks from the show proved it was made at least a month earlier.

In fact, the final product would undoubtedly be even harder for Dorit to see -- with her photos being used but just cropped to not show her head.

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I hope to never see or hear of this family ever again…Their light needs to be dimmed! And when you start to say yes, life starts to open.

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Teddi wiped away tears while watching American Woman Hit home: I tried to be the glue -- but it doesn't always work.