Boyne Tannum Hookup – Australia's Biggest Family Fishing Competition Boyne Tannum Hookup – Australia's Biggest Family Fishing Competition

Tannum sands hook up 2015. Vacant positions threaten future of boyne tannum hook up | gladstone observer

I have fished with heavier but not successfully. Senior Constable Ann Jessop on Jun 16, 3: With senior entries and juniors, this event has grown into the largest family fishing event in Australia each year.

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They both offer relief from the southeasterlies so we anchored up and cast towards the rocks. We repeated the same technique but our baits were ripped from our lines, hooks and all, with more force than we could handle.

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of May 2019

Too many hooks and too much wire trace catches fewer salmon, but you need good line — at least 10kg. Even the fishers in the bigger boats battled strong winds and big swells.

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The busy mouth of the Boyne River, through which boating traffic must venture to access Gladstone harbour, was where we first flicked yabbies. We headed directly to Wild Cattle Creek on the low tide to pump yabbies with most of the other land-bound fishers.

You can run from the Narrows or attack the island from Port Alma. If the deckie had have been on the ball with the landing net, a photo would have appeared in this edition and we would have known for sure sorry Liam! This is a relatively small expanse of water with a narrow channel to access open water.

The northern and southern beaches are also good spots for oystering. We joined a few who were fishing the pylons in their small dinghy.

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The best tides are those around 3. On the Reef Now that a lot of reef area has been lost to us by rezoning, the nearby shoals might cop a bit of a hiding. Fishing between Masthead and Polmaisse offers the best protection from the southeasterly winds but remember to stay out of the green zones.

Tannum sands hook up 2015 gutter between Tongue Spit and the harbour acts as a mackerel run to open water.

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Masthead is also a good option, if you can work the tides and the wind to help with the trip in and out. This area is a known dugong habitat so boaties need to be alert to the signs of dugong presence.

On the way you could pay a visit to Seal Rocks.

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The beach area of Canoe Point was our next venue. Some deaths have been recorded from those who ignored the safety signs warning swimmers of the dangerous tidal conditions. Whiting, bream and flathead are frequent catches at this spot, but not on this outing. Many tourists have ended up in serious trouble as the current sweeps out to sea with unrelenting force.