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She came back into his life in a sort of cat-and-mouse chase as Trivette struggled with his policeman's duty and his personal feelings for her. After being freed, John arrives in Summer Bay to reclaim Tammy, who is reluctant to agree but Viv persuades her to go as a supervision order will be placed on John.

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However, Leanne leaves with Meat Axe after admitting to Martin she promised to go with him. It is revealed he served a prison sentence for armed robbery but Roo is not deterred and they continue their relationship, despite Roo's aunt Morag Bellingham 's Cornelia Frances warnings about Simon.

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Trivette has successfully developed a relationship with a young college student named Erika Carter played by Tammy Townsend who he helped in the episode "Justice Delayed". Dodge retaliates by firebombing the store, which results in Philip being killed Angela explains that she left them when Tammy was a year old.

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Celia catches him trying to steal from the store and he is arrested by Sgt. They see through John's lies and rescue Viv but John refuses to let his younger daughter, Tammy Katy Edwards go with them.

Trivette was boiling during the course of the episode, due to the group being responisble for his Dating nlp technique murder and even was tempted to kill one of the supremacy members, who had committed the murder, during a fight he and Walker were involved in before the news station takeover.

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Agreeing to help Erika, led Trivette on a quest to prove her father's innocence in a crime he didn't commit some years earlier. Andrew Senior later dies but leaves Andrew a great deal of money in his will and a letter full of apologies.

A year later, Tammy flees John and runs away to find Viv and stays in hiding for several days before reuniting with Viv. However he almost got shot by the boy's Tammy townsend dating who foolishly accused Trivette of murdering his brother.


Nigel Taggart Gary Down Nigel is a colleague of Morag Bellingham Cornelia Frances who she had hired several years before when nobody would due to him losing his eyesight in an accident.

Ross asks Bobby about the recently publicised revelation that Morag Bellingham Cornelia Frances is her mother and upsets her. Lance becomes more and more uncomfortable as the group's fame grows and feels Nina is controlling the lives of group.

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Trivette's family relationships have also seen some strains: His older brother Simona semi-crippled former FBI Agent, became an informant for a crime syndicate which cost him his FBI career and 18 months to prison and later an important member of an international Drug Trafficking Ring, based outside the Dallas-Ft.

He gets Matt a job as beach inspector and closes down Andrew Foley 's Peter Bensley advice centre in the store room of the diner. However, Nina scores a job in Los Angeles for promoting Image and leaves to take it.

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