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What hours are they open? Lots of character, although MIT students want to live there, so rents can be high. Grocery Store — close enough to walk or will you have to take a cab? As you survive and hopefully thrive at BU, please remember this guide and make note of things you would have liked to have known.

A student-written review of this book can be found below. Parking — Can you get a residential parking sticker, or are guaranteed parking spaces available? Don't alienate your friends.


You can get anywhere in the city limits, as well as many suburbs by public transportation. Check out local banks in your neighborhood. If you don't know what the boundaries are in your relationship, establish them before you end up in an uncomfortable situation.

Lower Allston, north of the Mass.

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Back Bay Old and beautiful, but very expensive, one of the most sought-after areas in Boston. Further out there are some apartments, if you really feel you need the distance from BU.

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A public park and public gardens surround part of the neighborhood. Here is a breakdown of estimated living expenses from Boston University: Team Up with a Professor giphy. Keep in mind that at any bank, as long as you are a student, you should never have to pay a monthly fee.

Since that date is usually close to the beginning of Fall classes, students entering then can expect the first week here at BU to be quite busy. Lansdowne Street has many nightclubs.

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Food is Alien dating doon expensive in Boston. Special thanks to Lore Pittman for compiling updated figures. The biggest problem with getting an apartment through the ORP is that there are so few places available, which are in high demand, making them extremely hard to get.

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Boston International Students can also contact their regional associations at BU http: Get off at the Boston University East stop. The following points concerning finance are worth keeping in mind.

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While you can't avoid your friends, you can't include them in every aspect of your relationship. Don't think you can change a leopard's spots. You can call for a shuttle or someone to walk with you anywhere you need to go on the Charles River Campus. With taxes and bills, most graduate students need to share apartments.

Other places you can buy groceries include: But a long way in. Both temporary and semester parking passes are available.