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That meant a reboot. Your mileage may vary.

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The back of your audio interface or soundcard is in a remote, inaccessible place. Summing Up Fortunately, when you get your new monitors home, and set them up, placing them exactly where your ears want them, the learning process begins. This is what it means when a monitor is said to be "flat".

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Studio B Should a monitor really be flat? What is a Patchbay? That's where the bass and the treble are boosted and the mids are cut. Surprising bass, and even more surprising, its not tubby like a lot of 5's.

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But they are a slight step up from the RP5G2. These give you that full bass that an 8" woofer provides, plus a clean top.

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You already have more inputs and outputs than you need and access to them is easy. Likewise you never connect a front panel input bottom row to another front panel input.

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I find them colored. A patchbay is a hardware device that features ins and outs for analog audio gear. Let the Fun Begin By following the 3 rules you should be able to connect different paths with confidence that nothing is going to blow up.

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Its dangerous back there. You are controlling cables by getting More cables. The A7X in particular is one of their many awesome studio monitors. Adams are legend in the studio world.

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And this is where the arguing typically begins. Tweak's Pick for the Money. You use hardware samplers, vocoders, harmonizers and want to route the output of your sequencer to the input of these devices while not disturbing the original signal path.

You want to never have to go to the back of the bay, and only patch things into your recording paths with Studio monitors hook up patchbay cables or directly from gear you don't have plugged into the patchbay.

They get the job done.

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That is you take the outputs of your audio interface and other gear and plug them into the top jacks on the back of the bay. Then it dawns on you, you can find a problem with every enclosure and know there is no perfect monitor.

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Yet a little more open, a tad boxy, but definitely worthy. As you gain experience attending to your audio, you will learn to improve your mixes.

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Thank goodness the S. Adam Audio has a big reputation when it comes to high-end audio gear, particularly within the monitoring category.

How to choose your studio monitors

While you SHOULD connect the ins and outs of your audio interface s you don't have to always connect the in and out of everything. The real truth is in the understanding of how your mix on your monitors translates to other listening conditions. They do have a sound that is hard to define.