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I think it's hard to draw bright lines as to what particular years any given liner was in use, since I would bet that there was plenty of overlap along the way. Collectors speculate Stetson was just using up its stock of the read and orange ones before going with the white one full time.

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It is not usually safe to flip sweatbands in and out on an older hat. This English Bobby-like police hat was popular in American cities until the early s when they went out of fashion for our police departments.

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This was discovered in a practically destroyed Stetson Stratoliner Vita Felt from the early s. The following is what collectors Stetson hats dating so far about dating a Stetson.

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Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking. Another alternate version of the brown tag same dates as above. USA I have always thought that a dedicated thread illustrating various Stetson liners would be an extremely useful tool in helping to date vintage Stetson lids.

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This one was found in a s era fedora. I also think it might be useful to show a photo of the Stetson logo on the sweatband in conjunction with any particular liner, since the combination of liner and sweat may help to zero in on a particular time period.

Here is another shot of the alternate tag as above from a different hat, only this one is showing how Who is currently dating vanessa hudgens re-order number would have been printed on the tag.

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This is an interesting walk through my personal collection of antique fedoras. Once he found a hat style he liked, he usually tried to stay with that as long as possible. This tag came to light recently from collectors at the Fedora Lounge website and seems to be from the s to s or so.

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Here is another alternate version, this one also a rare sighting. There are all sorts of these tags and while they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, one general rule of thumb is that they got smaller over the years.

All those records… just gone. On that tag is a style number, a block number, and a size, etc. The tags helped track what hats sold the most and where they were in the manufacturing process. This is not real common, but it happens.


So, once you see your reorder and size tags, best to take a photo of them and then never flip that sweatband out again if you can help it! If you are afraid of damaging the hat, just take a peek behind that leather.

So, when someone acquires a vintage lid, they could scroll through this thread to compare their liner to the liners featured here.

Early in the s, perhaps as early as the s, Stetson began to separate the re-order tags.

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Dating Stetsons by inventory, style and sizing, or re-order number tags might only give you a general set of dates of not more than a decade or two, but taking note of these inventory tags can give you a general idea of the era in which your hat was made. Early tags were quite fancy with little flourishes and fancy type styles.

Notice that Stetson went back to incorporating the re-order and size info on the same tag. A leather sweatband is generally manufactured to stay flipped inward to hold the proper shape of the hat opening but the bigger problem is age. Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags What do they look like?

Sadly, at this time all those old records were destroyed. Then, as time Stetson hats dating on, all the prettiness of these tags went away until they just looked like a tag a computer churned out.


Come to think of it, providing a photo of the size tag, as well, will really help to provide a fairly comprehensive set of info!

Customer service was the word of the day! And, of course, the name of the hat company and sometimes its address were also on these tags.

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