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Click to see them in a larger size. Indonesia got their first gold medal in badminton—which debuted that year.

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After losing the semi-finals to the U. Do you want to make a comment?

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And alphabetic within a year. Lu remains the only female from China to earn an Olympic figure skating medal. Figuring it would be fun or funny to be a matchmaker and figuring that I needed to start receiving a paycheck ASAPI applied and got called in later that day or the next day to interview.

Clients wanted matches who were fewer than X miles from downtown, or who only liked rock-climbing, or who were fifteen years younger than them.

In a table in build date sequence. Nancy Kerrigan finally putting to rest the demons that had plagued her even before her vicious attack, namely, a lack of confidence and tendency to crack under pressure, and skating her best performance.


American speed skater Dan Jansen finally winning the Olympic gold, then taking his victory lap while holding his baby daughter in his arms. Althoughit later turned out her vault wasn't needed to win gold, but they didn't know it at that point.

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So the medics followed her as she painfully staggered the final lap around the stadium, occasionally stopping to hold her head before lurching on towards the finish line. Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome.

Miramar lists highest hull number on page. So awesome that it could not be properly registered in the scoreboard. Again, this was five weeks after she had abdominal surgery.

Hover your mouse over each thumbnail to read the subject matter. She came out of that Games with four medals, including a silver in the all-around and bronzes on both vault and balance beam.

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Their performance that night was so spectacular that they would have won even without Kerri Strug's valiant second vault—they had that many points and were that far ahead of the competition that even Moceanu's two falls and Kerri's one didn't dent their lead. American gymnast Shannon Miller's Ensemble Darkhorse victories.

Her medal and Nancy Kerrigan's bronze marked only the second time two US women had been on the podium since What kind of training did you get? InRobert Thompson 2 left the partnership to form his own shipbuilding business. Then they completed the incredible run by beating the Finns to win the Recommended online dating sites. We constantly had to have conversations about criteria for matches.

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Atlanta Media coverage of the U.