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Who is the writer addressing and why? We maintain this proscription until the danger seems to have passed. But as we read further, we continue to learn things that make us wonder about the death. The writer's justification for including an element in the description is simply that it is a salient or canonical feature of what is to be described.

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In trial by combat, the two agents are the deciding forces. The ethos carried by classic style gives an implicit but powerful picture of the writer which often accomplishes all by itself the task the student faces.

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They have his authority, too, when they assume that the human mind or spirit is so abundant that no sequence of articulations could exhaust it. There is an implied speaker and an implied hearer, and they are earnest in their engagement in this scene, without any mocking or any awareness of the mocking.

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The teacher must be able to pause and speak in classic style, often to replace something a student has offered, while pointing out the difference between the student's prose and the teacher's prose. The sovereign states, considering whether to join into a union, looked for a guarantee that they would have an acceptable voice in the process of electing a president of that union.

A style consists of a conceptual stand on some basic intellectual questions that are the elements of style.

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What are the implied conditions of discourse? At the top of each page, provide a citation: A description of a wound and a presentation of the same wound come with different requirements, different scenes, different motives, different justifications, different responsibilities.

Except for states with only one Representative, this proportion of populations equals the proportion of representation in the House. Therefore, for states with 9 or more Representatives, influence on the presidential election would be increased by a switch to national popular election.

Repeat the assignment for different subjects, advancing along a gradient toward invisible concepts. Any leads would be appreciated. The vote of the Electoral College is a first-level event—restricted to a single ballot—but there is a system of protections that takes over if that vote should fail to give a majority to one candidate.

The critical problem is then to find the right words to convey that impression. These opposing forces, if they are balanced, stand in equilibrium, with the result that there is no movement.

The framers of the Constitution foresaw this interest and accordingly placed the authority of the Electoral College in the Constitution, so that a change to the College would require, as do all Constitutional amendments, ratification by three-fourths of the states.

The writer seems to feel that nothing about the coutier's death is suspicious and has made what he thinks is a presentation we should take at face value.

These six questions, taken from page twenty-two of Thomas and Turner's Clear and Simple as the Truth, may be hard to find answers to at first, especially questions 1, 2, and 3.

Aim to make specific comments for each question you may not be able to come up with answers to all of them at first regarding each piece of text.