Why MDMA is destroying EDM | Consequence of Sound Why MDMA is destroying EDM | Consequence of Sound

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This identity swap is often followed Speed dating tomorrowworld a general disregard for safety precautions. Like spring break, these festivals are an opportunity for youths to be someone else.

Just like Lollapalooza has cashed in on the rise of EDM, so have shady drug dealers.

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Personally, I choose not to partake in powders during music festivals, and the last three years of covering festivals has been a thrill. Drugs are a tricky topic, but remember your health and safety is in your hands, so make good decisions. As if the tent that year somehow established a barrier against the rules of the outside world, pills were distributed by the bag full, strangers could be seen grinding fervently up against other strangers, and somehow a fight broke out during Modeselektor.

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In the end, this is your life, and you should make decisions justly. If no actions are taken and more minors die during upcoming festival seasons, SFX and Live Nation might find themselves spending a lot of money to safeguard events from the same problems that burst the first dance music bubble a generation ago.

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On the other hand, I maintain friendships with adults who prefer to indulge and feel that greater connection with those around them. As SFX goes public, and in order for Live Nation to improve their own financial performance, public companies rely on the EDM base to continue growing, and as artists, fans, and promoters will agree, the growth potential is in the sub demographic.

A change is coming, and the EDM community — and not angry house moms and politicians — should be leading the renaissance.

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Like the loss of the year-old that forced EDC Dating website template monster of Los Angeles, the deaths of year-old Rotondo, and sexual molestation of a year-old during EZoo could Speed dating tomorrowworld well mean the end of that festival as well.

By Augusta new form of dubstep was taking over American dance music, and with the influx of these blistering beats stormed an entirely new demographic of EDM fanatic. Before this week, the national media paid little attention to overdoses and deaths during Camp Bisco and following EDC Vegas. Nonetheless, that approach could serve well as a blockade against new policies regulating the culture or securing permission to host events on publicly owned property.

Judging from conversations across media and the blogosphere, there are four frontrunners: Not only would this allow for ravers to purchase clean drugs, but it would also make testing kits more readily available for safety purposes.

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Simple companionship can help speed transport to authorities in case of possible overdose and greatly alleviate ongoing problems with sexual molestation. The sense of camaraderie that existed in EDM a few years ago has been largely eliminated by greed.

But, when these tragedies strike those under 21, broader pop culture turns their heads. Interestingly, language from a USA Today article reads almost identically to those currently being published: Since the tragedy at EZoo, even more artists have shared their thoughts about drug use.

Instead of local promoters bringing in friends for thousand-person raves or larger all-night massives, corporations like C3, Live Nation, and SFX are all marketing the culture on a much larger scale to pull in big budget sponsorships.