The Queen's New Year Honours List in full | HeraldScotland The Queen's New Year Honours List in full | HeraldScotland

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For services to Law and Order in the Public Sector. Similar rods were supplied to the G. Making a special stop at Bletchley to take water, the train.

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London Dr Anwara Ali. For services to Planning in London. New construction at Crewe comprises a series of twenty mixed traffic engines, the first of which, No.

Oxfordshire Raymond Joseph James. Chief executive, National Governance Association. Leading club administrators were: For services to Nature Conservation. For services to Business and the community in the North East.

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For services to Business and the Voluntary Sector in Scotland. London Ms Judith Doyle. For services to the Economy and the Bus Industry. The system has been extended to other railway details, and has been applied to other fields of industry.

The mode of proceeding was always the same.

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For services to Improving Immigration Systems. Edinburgh Dr David Docherty. Lord-Lieutenant of County Londonderry. Picture Library manager, Royal Collection Trust.

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London Ms Joanna Kate Swinson. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Ian Trevor Edwards.

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For services to Economics and Public Policy. The scheme also includes the installation of three-aspect colour light signalling between Waterloo and Hampton Court Junction. Tax professional manager, HM Revenue and Customs.


For services to rugby and charity. Formerly national director, Patient Safety. Considerable scrapping of Claughtons, Princes, and in.

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