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The park is reached by climbing steep flagstone steps and is not wheelchair accessible. Even the well-stocked gift shop is made of petrified wood.

The town has more than 30 original buildings from the yearsincluding a farm, a blacksmith shop, a saloon, a one-room schoolhouse, a church, a jail, a post office, and a bank. Marine Cove has hundreds of species of fish and coral from around the world, including clownfish, tangs, eels, seahorses, sea stars, and sharks.

The complex has a gift shop and welcomes school groups.

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There is a petting zoo that offers face-to-face encounters with sheep and goats in addition to a camel ride and a carousel. They lived in earthen lodges on a bluff overlooking a creek, and over 80 of these lodges have been uncovered. The people who inhabited this site hunted bison and were skilled farmers, tending fields of sunflowers, tobacco, beans, squash, amaranth, and corn.

The former Deadwood mayor and businessman bought the house in to turn it into a museum honoring Black Hills pioneers. Children and adults can drive a covered wagon or pony cart, wash clothes on a washboard, twist hay into sticks for fuel, and make a jump rope and a corn cob doll to take home.

The cave tour takes one hour and requires the ability to climb up and down stairs and to stoop under low ceilings. Now, the mountain has three high-speed chair lifts and one traditional lift.

Self-guided tours take visitors through the sod house and to the outbuildings, which include a barn, an outhouse, a cave, and a chicken coop.

Laura herself lived here until her marriage in The ski hill has 30 runs, offers ski and snowboard rentals, and has skiing lessons for every age group, adults included. Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones.

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They also have an indoor jungle containing tropical plants, including orchids, and a replica of the largest tortoise fossil ever found. The arboretum covers 45 acres and has a wide variety of shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses.

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This attraction was built in the early s and contains more than a hundred objects, including statues, a wishing well, a waterfall, and a ton castle with turrets and spires made entirely out of petrified wood.

For example, when you search for a film, we use your location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. The exhibits include a flight simulator and an interactive aircraft cockpit.

The Delbridge Museum houses mounted specimens hunted by Henry Brockhouse from the s to the s, when hunting these now-endangered animals was quite legal. The park is open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day, and there are daily shows in its theater.

Chrysalises hang from walls and ceilings, and eagle-eyed visitors may have the opportunity to see butterflies emerging.

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All through the park there are sets, statues, playhouses, and rides based on beloved characters from fables, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales. The park is family friendly and children love climbing on the dinosaurs; adults come for the dazzling view of Rapid City and the Black Hills.

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There is a particularly fine selection of beading supplies, both locally crafted and sourced from Italy. Petrified wood is the fossilized remains of vegetation.

The three floors of exhibits, all of which are wheelchair accessible, pay tribute to the gold miners and the Lakota Indians whose land was stolen by the miners.