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He carried out his revenge by kidnapping his estranged family and blowing up the church where he was holding them hostage.

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Not to be faulted. Silas decided to play a game with Lynsey, who was determined to reveal his true identity. She was given more food for thought when her mum asked her to move to Canada with her.

She locked his brother, Tom in the car and lied to Max that he had fallen in the lake. The National Lottery has now made more than 4, millionaires with of them were living in the South West.

Stonewall, an organisation that campaigns for equality for gay men and women, praised the show for its "sympathetic and convincing handling" of the "gritty and emotional" storyline.

Jason Maybuam will play Chelsea's 9-year-old son Levi. However, Myra got two questions wrong and was forced to choose which of her children had to die. Looks like your cookies are disabled. Guilty, Niall tried to save his mother but more rubble falls.

With her tormentor, Silas in a mental health facility, he was out of the frame, but other suspects included Mercedes McQueen and Will Savage after Lynsey had uncovered secrets about them. The year-old from Stonehouse was one of the first to win on the newly introduced Daily Play game in The eight-episode season is set one month after the events of Marvel's Iron Fist and will feature the Defenders as Gay speed dating in detroit take on the Hand.

EpCalvin's death — 21st May In an innovative move, Hollyoaks treated viewers to a flash forward episode five months before it was due to air, which showed the murder of Calvin Valentine on his wedding day to Carmel McQueen. After sharing stories of lost loves over a drink, sadness turned to passion for Brendan and John Paul who ended up in bed together.

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There's an ice-cream parlour too — something we will have to try on a return voyage. Realists will say the probability of winning in future has nothing to do with past wins.

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Jacqui was left heartbroken when Myra chose her and a rift inevitably built between mother and daughter. However, she was left feeling annoyed and a failure when she woke up the next morning. In the process Hannah metamorphosed into a withdrawn, deceitful girl who flew into sudden rages with her friends.

It is moored in a bustling spot in the centre — great for passing trade, but perhaps not so great for al fresco eating because of the surrounding traffic.

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Claire stole the DVD and took Max to a secluded lakeside location to recover after he had a heart attack. Max went in to rescue him but started to struggle. Fans were left wondering who would want to kill good-guy cop Calvin and why everyone seemed to have turned against him.

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It was the highest ever-rated Christmas storyline for the soap. Bourne plays Laura's husband Tom Price, who is also the state's D. Dressed crab, fish and chips and chocolate pot at the Star Inn The Harbour, Whitby If you eat with your eyes first, then we Speed dating maxine already salivating at the sight of this pretty dish.

The affair came to light at an impromptu engagement party thrown by Frankie for son, Craig and Sarah Barnes. His mind was made up when Doug set him free at the airport and fans waited in anticipation to see whether Ste and Brendan would finally get a shot at happiness. The story is told through a number of characters on a violent collision course, including a young, intelligent dealer Damson Idrisa Mexican wrestler caught in the middle of a power struggle Sergio Peris-Menchetaa CIA operative Carter Hudson who gets involved with Nicaraguan Contras, and the daughter of a Mexican crime lord Emily Rios.

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The McQueens are heartbroken when Tina dies from her injuries. It was only when her gran, Frankie found the remains of the pills in her bag that the seriousness of the situation dawned and Esther was rushed to hospital where she had a liver transplant. Imagine all your favorite Rhimes-esque soapy drama but with Elizabethan England costumes and luxurious set designs the show was filmed on location in Spain last year.

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On top was a scoop of avocado ice-cream a first for all of us. Meanwhile, Ste was on his way and when he tracked Brendan down at his hotel, he was shocked to find John Paul half naked in his room.

However, in true soap style, Brendan was about to cross paths with another love interest, in the shape of John Paul McQueen. Select 'OK' to continue using our products, otherwise, you will not be able to access our sites and apps.

Not that it stopped punters enjoying the outside tables during our visit on a flaming hot Saturday teatime.

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