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Clone Budget brand golf clubs that look similar to, and emulate the characteristics of, more expensive clubs without breaching any patents. Maestro - Refers to any great composer, conductor, or teacher of music.

Often an artisan club was a separate organisation that had negotiated use of a course with a private members club.

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O Off Stage The stage floor area that is not a part of the acting area and is not visible to the audience. For more information see the Electric Traction Pages Page. Bocca - An opening in the side of the furnace through which the pot is placed in the furnace.

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It is determined by taking the Total Impulse q. Bounce Back Scoring a birdie or better on a hole immediately following a bogey or worse.

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Click cork press for a picture of an ornate late 19th century cork press. Closed face When in relation to the target-line the club-face is angled toward the player's body, i. In US known as 'helpers'.

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Double eagle A hole played three strokes under par. Severe launch rod tip off or high winds have also been know to cause a cruise missile attitude.

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Applicable when practicing off hard mats. See also Signalling Pages Caboose US term for brake van Calling-on Signal Used to indicate to a driver that he may proceed at caution speed because he is entering a section occupied by another vehicle or train.

Carry How far the ball travels through the air.

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Nowadays much favoured by tramcar or light rail vehicle LRV designers. Bite Some players put a great deal of spin on their approach shots causing the ball to stop immediately when it hits the green.

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The "resting point" of the bottle is usually the extreme outside edge of the base. Sometimes extended to visiting golfers playing in official competitions, visiting professional golfers and staff of other golf clubs.

Phenolic body tubes are stiffer than ordinary tubes, but are also more brittle so that extra care must be taken to avoid damage during construction, transportation and recovery. Drive The first shot of each hole, made from an area called the tee box see definition belowusually done with a driver a type of golf club.

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Lower mass will give higher burnout velocity, but will dissipate its momentum to drag faster think of a feather. Pendant A hand held controller that is attached to an electrical cable so the operator can move about to obtain better visibility of the devices being controlled.

Operetta - A short light musical drama.