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Down the road is the famous Palazzo dei Diamanti, often a venue for international exhibitions. And at Via Zamboni 33, is the oldest university in the world, dating from Take the bus from Modena 36 min trip to Speed dating emilia romagna the factory of the world famous Ferrari and afterwards return to Modena to spend the night.

The two powerful lords renewed the feudal system in these lands, made up of citadels, castles and towers, but they also had fresh structures erected that have remained in the art and European culture history books: At the beginning of the 11th Century, the city's fortune was on the rise, finally culminating with the flourishing period of the Renaissance and the rule by the House of Malatesta.

Here, memories of the Este traditions are upheld with palio events, banquets and parades.

Emilia Romagna

Bologna is the city of porticoes, medieval landmarks, towers and music. The secret to such long-lasting success? Malatesta dominated diverse regions of Italy, but the family's stronghold was always Rimini. The town is also known for being a unique setting for arts and music events like the Ravenna Festival which brings the cream of international performers to the stage.

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And while the traditional balsamic vinegar matures in the vats, in nearby Maranello the Ferrari engineers fine-tune the engines of the most famous red in the world. But the shrine of music lovers is elsewhere: Top cities in Emilia Romagna.

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Also located here are agricultural producers, particularly in the way of cheese: After all, an enviable sporting infastructure exists all along the coast. The most striking fact about the building is its exterior facades which consists of some 8, white marble blocks carved to represent diamonds, hence the name Diamanti.

The relevant doctor operated here in the 3rd Century A. Such, however, is only one of the aspects of a city that bears flourishing Roman, Medieval and Renaissance pasts, and occupation by the Goths and Bizantines.

The medieval towers are the symbol of the city of Bologna. Today, it is preserved in the Speed dating emilia romagna Museum. All points along the coast and inland compete to entertain visitors in ever more engaging and fantastical ways.

Ravenna is a hub between the Orient and the west, an important crossroad in the history of European culture.

North west of Parma, you can continue to Piacenza namely to visit and its council chamber which is a Gothic masterpiece of Lombard architecture, towards the other end of Via Emilia a Roman route built some years before the common erathere is another world to discover.

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