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UBS bank analyst Jonathan Mott said the royal commission was a game-changer for Australian financial services. The review of mortgages approved by Westpac — including the St George and RAMs businesses — found numerous failings in serviceability checks.

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Speed limit redundant JP Morgan economist Henry St John said the move was not surprising given the 10 per cent level had become largely redundant.

APRA's move to a more targeted approach was highlighted in recent submissions to the banking royal commission.

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Natural wound healing is a complex process involving many different types of cells moving to the area around a new wound within the first few hours.

How a blast of sound can speed up healing your wounds Most watched News videos. Ultrasound was given three times a week for five minutes a session. In terms of household debt to the size of the economy, Australia ranks only behind Switzerland with a debt-to-GDP ratio of per cent.

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One of the main causes of back pain is problems with the facet joints, small weight-bearing joints that link the vertebrae together. Despite conceding that risks in the property market remain "heightened", the key bank regulator will remove the speed limit on investor lending.

APRA's current loan affordability tests, set inrequire proof a new borrower could repay mortgages at least 2 per cent above the loan product rate, and a floor lending rate of at least 7 per cent.

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Early results indicate that patients had a 20 to 40 per cent drop in pain levels after a week of treatment. There are a number of treatments, from antibiotics to surgery, but in many cases wounds fail to heal for weeks, months, or years.

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In severe cases, amputation of a limb may be necessary. A study at the Mayo Clinic, in the U.

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APRA is targeting the quality of home loan serviceability, ditching previous investor speed limits Bank boards will be made more accountable for the quality and operation of mortgage lending Westpac revealed as a 'significant outlier' in poor lending practices at the royal commission The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority APRA is removing restrictions that keep investor credit growth under 10 per cent a year, replacing them with more permanent measures to strengthen lending standards.

Their jobs include sealing the wound as quickly as possible, halting blood loss and creating a cover to stop infection.

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In a key development, APRA is placing the onus on bank boards to provide assurance on the quality and safety of lending standards. The annual rate of investor lending, as opposed to overall growth in the total mortgage book, is shrinking at close to 10 per cent.

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Ultrasound has already been successfully used by physiotherapists to reduce inflammation in joints or muscle injuries and high-level intensity ultrasound is used to target cancerous tumours.

Ultrasound can also be used for scanning, if it is used at a lower frequency. Now ultrasound could prove an effective new option.

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