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All sense of community spirit had left Lunghua, and nothing seemed to matter any more. The Japanese soldier had tied the Chinese to a telegraph pole and was now slowly strangling him. I also became friends with several of the young Japanese guards. And then, one day in early August, we woke to find that the Japanese guards had gone.

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I flourished in this intimacy, such a contrast to formal English life. Some of the men carried nothing apart from the clothes they were wearing, confident that the war would be over within days.

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The emission performance will have a reduction of 98 percent of particulate matter and 60 percent reduction of NOx, fulfilling all new requirements by IMO and EU guidelines.

We assembled for the morning roll-call, but they failed to appear. Stearns Wharf is located adjacent to the harbor in Santa Barbara, California. A few of the internees began to step through the barbed wire. Former classrooms were divided into a maze of cubicles by sheets hung from lines of string.

Together we waited at the tables where Americans had once sipped their bourbons. Our food supply was a serious problem from the start. And so August was a strange interregnum when we were never wholly certain that the war had ended.

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The camp was ringed by a barbedwire fence, through which I often climbed to retrieve a ball or kite. It was a magical place. The Japanese soldier looped my plastic belt around his neck, stepped over the trussed body, and rejoined his companions, waiting for a train that would never come.

Stearns, the wharf served the passenger and freight shipping needs of California's South Coast for over a quarter century.

My parents' memories of Lunghua were always much harsher than my own - perhaps because I knew nothing about our likely fate at the hands of the Japanese.

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Santa Barbara's climate, which boasts over days of sunshine every year, is a huge draw for those looking for some outdoor adventure year-round. Santa Barbara and its surrounding areas are full of impressive landmarks that speak to the history of the region, dating back to the Chumash Native American tribes who settled in villages here and lived off the bounty of the land and the sea.

One or two reconnaissance planes drifted high overhead, but for the first time everything was silent.

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Inside the crowded dormitories, there was desperate competition for space.