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Caress your partner's face, touch her hair, wrap your legs together, hug and push close together. Use touch to enhance your kissing experience.

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If not, you can still practice in other ways. Kissing is an important part of a healthy relationship. A kiss should be backed up by genuine feelings of intimacy. When your partner's mouth touches yours, you want to taste delicious, smell delightful and touch gracefully.

Ideally, you want to be alone, in a romantic and memorable setting.

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If you need some more guidance in this passionate practice, consider the following French kissing tips. Basic Kissing Guidelines A kiss can have many meanings: By using these kissing tips to improve your technique, biology will help you make stronger partnerships, naturally.

When the kiss is over, slowly close your lips and pause before withdrawing. This rush of neurotransmitters goes straight to the brain's pleasure center.

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Time and place are particularly critical for that first unforgettable kiss. The experience actually involves three main senses: Don't let your pucker die away.

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Rub noses while kissing for childish fun. Make sure they are pleasing. Avoid too much movement while kissing, make your actions controlled and relaxed.

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Remember to take breathing breaks. Your mouth should be clean, teeth brushed, and lips moisturized.

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