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Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan had such a light touch, managing to balance many different tones, creating a show that was sensitive and funny and moving. They faced debuting on NBC, a network that is increasingly abandoning comedy, and had nothing to pair it with. Simmons joins when the show returns next month.

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Firing on all cylinders, Soderbergh directed every episode of this brilliant and totally watchable turn of the century medical drama which is really the opposite of E. The new show carries over much of the same aesthetics as its parent, and trod similar thematic territory in its examination of morality and what it takes for a good man to be pushed over the edge, but did so in a much more low-key way, rejecting heads-on-turtles and explosive shoot outs, for the most part, and proving all the better Firefighter dating sites free it.

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But miracle is about right, in a lot of ways. The new world of small screen entertainment means that the traditional TV season is becoming less important, with some of the most popular or acclaimed shows arriving in the once-rerun-heavy summer months.

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It plays out like a double-edged origin story of two brothers, with John Rayburn Kyle Chandler as the law-enforcing pillar of the community on one end, and his older brother Danny Ben Mendelsohn as the returned not-so-prodigal son who disturbs the peace on the other.

Take a look, and let us know what your favorites have been in the comments.

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But bumped from eight episodes to ten, and having clearly listened to feedback from the first run, it came roaring back this spring, more confident, more rich and, frankly, even funnier.

The rules are simple: While the entire cast is on the top of their game playing flawed, but relatable, characters Lynskey is aces as the sexually frustrated housewifethe true find here is Zissis.

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But Lindelof feigned left and then threw a curveball right: David Fincher once famously said there is really only two ways to shoot a scene, and one of them is wrong. Clive Owen has never been better as the drug-addicted lead surgeon, and the show boasts many excellent newfound acting discoveries Andre Holland is outstanding and Juliet Rylance is also very good.

Anything else you think deserves mention? After seven seasons of witnessing the most intricately detailed existential dilemma of a single character ever put on television, the inner demons of super-suave ad man Don Draper Jon Hamm are finally quietened down.

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There are other minor niggles, like how they seem to be overusing the dream sequence trope without ever really having found an elegant way of incorporating them, but in the main, we cannot help but love a season where oddball Elspeth Tascioni Carrie Preston finally gets together with oddball Josh Perotti Kyle Maclachlan to give a pretty sexy show its unexpectedly sexiest moment.

Jane Gloriana Villanueva Gina Rodriguez is accidentally artificially inseminated when she goes for a pap smear and decides to keep the baby, whose father is a man she kissed five years ago.

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In part because it airs on the Disney Channel, not traditionally a home for top-notch television at least for older viewers. And in part because despite solid ratings, Disney scheduled the series in such a haphazard, irregular way that even hardcore fans have no idea when to expect it the first half of the second season began airing last August, two years after the first, and wrapped up in March.

The show wrapped up a macro-plot about a conflict with the Google-like Gryzzl halfway through, letting it focus the final episodes on an extended victory lap that gave virtually every figure from its Springfield-like supporting cast a proper goodbye, while still holding some surprises Jon Hamm!

If it never gets beyond a one-off a second season is yet to be picked upit can do so with its head high.