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So now that we've established the real problems with the image, we move to the second part of the question: Everyone agrees that linen was common in 1st century Palestine, as was blood, pollen and crucified Jewish men.

Frei, who once pronounced the forged "Hitler Diaries" to be genuine, probably introduced the pollen grains himself or was duped and innocently picked up pollen grains another pious fraud had introduced Nickell. While there is the odd dissenting voice — views from non-experts and interested parties — the majority view from our experts is unequivocal.

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Even if we find a small name tag that says 'Property of Jesus of Nazareth', this in NO WAY provides any proof that Jesus rose from the dead, which after all is the real claim of Christians embracing this shroud.

Of course if you still accept the argument that there is a lot of unexpected detail in the image, you then have to explain why a lot of detail you would expect is actually missing.

Remember also that the authenticity of the shroud is vastly more important to Christians scientists than it is to secular scientists. Weak evidence put forward for the authenticity of the shroud: The back of the head is wider than the front of the head. The legend for this cloth began when Jesus was still alive, and like most legends, this one has been continuously embellished on each retelling.

A real body lying limp could not have this posture.

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Books are listed alphabetically, by title. Did an earthquake in Old Jerusalem cause the Shroud of Turin to be dated incorrectly?

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Also, dried "blood" as on the arms has been implausibly transferred to the cloth. Each was arrived at independently, yet each is in agreement with and supports the others and this vastly increases our confidence that each individual argument is correct.

Fundamentally all these godmen are the same mythical being STURP claiming that the cloth covered a real human body and that the alleged stains were real blood does not make it so.

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Damon's article published in Nature claims that "textile experts specifically made efforts to select a site for taking the radiocarbon sample that was away from patches and seams. Some Christians suggest that skeptics are not consistent, that we demand a higher standard of evidence for events involving Jesus than we do for other historical figures.

While there are traces of iron, proteins and porphyrins which are found in blood, these are also found in artists' pigments. According to shroud investigator Joe NickellRogers "relied on two little threads allegedly left over from the sampling" and the word of "pro-authenticity researchers who guessed that the carbon sample came from a 'rewoven area' of repair.

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Unfortunately there is no conceivable test that can be performed to Best dating proposals prove it is the burial cloth of Jesus.

Measurement of N, the number of 14 C atoms currently in the sample, allows the calculation of t, the age of the sample, using the equation above.

He said that this radiation that caused the image has no natural explanation.

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Another aspect that we need to consider is why the shroud is important to the faithful? They may not have known why blood flowed but they would have been depressing familiar with all manners of horrific wounds and bleeding bodies. He came to die and rise again to rescue, redeem, and restore us forever.

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