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Following the September Attacks, Constantino resorts to severe and amoral methods to keep New Bern supplied and protected, with the desperate New Bern townspeople supporting him.

After the September Attacks, Skylar was left alone; her parents, who she meant everything to, were away in New York City at the time, and Skylar was left believing her parents to be deceased.

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Jake and Eric bring Kenchy to Jericho. Johnny Depp comes in at number nine. Jonah sent the three to perform an armed robbery. However, in "Vicious Tiberious", a video shows her full name as being Linda Hayfer. Even though she still loves him, she is worried about the danger he can bring to her and their children.

John Goetz[ edit ] John Goetz portrayed by D. Hayfer is shown to hate Drake for no apparent reason as it is shown that when he answered a question correctly, she dubbed it incorrect and appointed the same question correct to another student right next to him as well as grading a flawless report he did with a "D-" again for no logical reason.

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After the September Attacks, Mary hosts various people left stranded by the attacks, and uses a satellite dish to obtain news of the outside world.

When Robert's former associate Sarah Mason arrives with Roger Hammond's group of refugees, Darcy's hunch that Sarah is "not on our side" is confirmed when Sarah takes Samuel hostage to get the last nuclear weapon from Robert. Emily instead persuades him to aid the Rangers in taking out the New Bern Army's mortar team, in exchange for half of their recovered weapons and ammunition.

He usually takes advantage of Josh to get what he wants.


One of Mindy's well-known character traits is her extraordinary intelligence and scientific talents. The footballer's tattoo, when translated, says 'Vihctoria'. Drake and Josh then watch the show themselves.

Glazer Roark Critchlow is a doctor who lives across the street from the boys. She befriends Dale after originally belittling him with her friends, and eventually provides shelter for him, bails him out of jail, and helps him with Gracie's store.

They divorced in and Angelina has since had the tattoo removed. Shiloh fernandez dating list Price, who stars in the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother decided the best way to get rid of her tattoo tribute to her husband Peter Andre was to draw a big cross over it Melanie Griffith, pictured left in with a tattoo bearing the name of her ex-husband Antonio Banderas - who she was with for 18 years - and, right, the name covered up in Italy last year Cover up: Following the Attacks and the deaths of the other members of Red Bell, Sarah comes to Jericho as a refugee, and re-connects with Robert, planning to obtain the kiloton nuclear device in his possession and keep it for herself, double-crossing her employers.

He later appeared in an episode of the series Sam and Cat where he is revealed to have been placed at a mental institution for the sick with a restrictive mask over his face.

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Eventually, Roger makes it back to Jericho with a group of refugees and resumes his relationship with Emily who had believed and accepted he was dead. This would cause her to come into conflict with Dale. Mindy Shiloh fernandez dating list edit ] Mindy Allison Scagliotti is an intelligent but boastful girl at school who is always trying to be better than Drake and Josh, especially Josh, who is her rival.

With assistance of the Jericho Rangers, Russell and his men deliver Dating sites for disabled uk corpse to New Bern, and so the Resistance claims responsibility.

She wanted Robert to stay with the family and give up his job with the CIA, and responds to his hints that he might leave his work and re-establish their family.

Most of the time throughout the series, Megan is very conceited, rude, sassy, and mean to her brothers. Victor collapses and is hospitalized.

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A running gag involves a rivalry between him and Bruce Winchill, an unseen weatherman from another station. She eventually breaks off the deal to use the store to distribute outside supplies, and is killed in revenge by Mitchell Cafferty, who frames Jonah for it.

He has all sorts of hobbies, including cooking and performing magic tricks.

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In Season 2, the ASA, unaware of Sarah's death, declares her a terrorist to be shot on sight, alleging that she had a hand in the Attacks, in order to suppress what she knows.

Busha friend of one of the writers, and a consultant to the show. Victor survives the bombing of Denver.

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Their scheme is busted in Jericho, and they are kicked out of the town.