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Season 2 The events of Season 2 take place two years after Season 1. Ekram orders to have Ahmet assassinated which happens successfully.

Fortunately, Ali's acquaintance "The Fisherman" sees the child in the water and rescues Osman. They produce an album which becomes successful.

His name is Hikmet Karci and he is a rich manufacturer, who left his wealthy lifestyle due to Salih bademci dating family tragedy. Cemile doesn't want to marry the Fisherman because she learns the story of his life.

Soon however, Zehra is diagnosed with renal failure.

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Everybody is happy, and suddenly Ali appears and shoots Hikmet dead. Kenan accidentally shoots at a pipe and Ali knocks him out.

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She goes in the same high school with Osman. Aylin dies at childbirth, leaving Soner in grief along with their daughter.

Because of "The General Clemency", Ahmet, the man who has the strongest love for Berrin has permission to enter Turkey.

Soon, Ali with remorse, asks Cemile to kill him.

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Hakan is thrilled and is no longer lonesome. Hakan is discharged from prison after he was accused of shooting his father. Caroline moves in with Ali. Aylin never finds that out and gets traumatized.

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He is depressed and feels lonely and he starts to sneak peeks at his daughter. Ekram, Hakan's father, kidnaps Zehra after school and he tells her the bitter truth.

Ali now tells Cemile to abort the baby. Osman gets abused by Caroline, and almost drowns in the sea while Ali was procrastinating. Ali gets crazily jealous and promises to kill him if he doesn't back off.

He and his band take part in musical competition and become winners. Cemile also discovers that his ex-wife is in fragile state of mind, and she doesn't want to harm this woman, named Selma, by marrying Fisherman. Sonor marries Bahar in the last scene. After a while, he returns from London and spends time hanging out with Aylin and his brother, who is now husband of Aylin.