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Barring rare, exceptional photos, there is little or no market for still photographs of storms. Chasers log many miles late at night, a time when wildlife particulary deer commonly dart out into the road. If you can accept the risks of those type of activities, then you'd be more than ready for going on a storm chasing expedition.

Try to avoid using mobile phones while driving or at least use the hands-free device for talking with others over the phone.

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Over the years, several chasers have had close calls with lightning strikes. Nowadays more searches come from mobile devices compared to PCs and laptops. Most of the countries banned using mobile phones while driving, but there are students who hide and use the mobile phone while driving.

But the reality is that El Reno was an exceptional storm. Large Hail Encounters with moderate-sized hail are common when chasing storms, and most chasers can expect to pick up at least a few hail dents on their vehicles each season.

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Once again, research chasers are only active during severe weather season, meaning they must have other income to make a living the rest of the year.

Another way to reduce impact is by wearing airbag protection. The best idea is to stop the vehicle on the roadside carefully and use your mobile phone.

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Any broken window may result in glass fragments that can cause minor cuts. Seeing chasing for what it really is - just another hobby - and finding a balance between storms and other things in life is one of the most important things a chaser can learn.

As a result, this could be one of the final reports to use registration data exclusively, which is less accurate in reflecting actual motorcycle use. Unfortunately, there are no realistic career opportunities in storm chasing.

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In fact, trying to get very close can cost a chaser some excellent photo opportunities. You can also share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

I have spent much of the past decade putting serious efforts toward finding creative ways to develop my storm chasing into a job that I can live on. The fourth type of storm chasing 'job' involves being part of a sceintific team or research group, such as those sponsored by colleges, univiersities, government agencies and private corporations.

In fact, Spiegel says, crashes among skilled high speed riders are so infrequent that it must be the case that they can feel where the limit of traction is as they approach the limit, before they lose traction.

With that said, I still must go with reality and assess storm chasing risks the same way I did before El Reno.

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Motorcycle personal protective equipment A motorcyclist wearing helmet, gloves, boots, and armored, reflective Roadside accidents essay jacket and pants. Auto Accidents You will hear me repeat this again and again on this site - the most dangerous part of storm chasing is not the storms - it's being the road!

Storm chasers are out to witness and learn about this spectacular phenomenon, and a successful intercept is a great experience. Spending time with the family is one of the most important things for everyone and we can learn more good stuff when we freely talk with our family.

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Extreme weather can make a long ride unbearable or dangerous. As this 'CJ' trend has continued, it has made it even harder for a storm chaser to break even with video sales to pay for gas and travel money, much less see any profit.

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If you have any doubt on that lecture or need further explanation, you can call the lecturer or even you can Google it. Some say that storm chasing, driving to work, going on vacation and a grocery store run are the same thing, in terms of the highway dangers encountered.

Most chasers fall somewhere in between these two, however.