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You definitely can't go to the Faire without money. Absolutely one of the best merchants.

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A few other things you should make sure to bring: And take your own car or bring carfare so you can leave if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

But it is densely populated in here, so air movement is at a minimum. Take the ticket, stamp your wrist to drink no ID shown and you're in.

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There were a lot of booths that had nothing but mass produced items made in China. Generally come with friends and enjoy spending the day walking about.

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So ever since then, we have made it a tradition to attend and dress up for the occasion. If you come, make sure to bring comfortable shoes, a hat and suntan lotion because the sun is killer and water. Everything is a production and a story, from the jousting to the royal parades to the big finale with song and dance numbers.

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The actors are really great to see as well as others that come in costume. The beer was fresh as ever, and the shows were entertaining as always. Soooo many got damn bees!!

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I'm just glad I had pocket hand sanitizer with me. From the very entrance we were welcomed by medieval characters and this continued on until we left.

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Plan to spend at least 4 hours here, some people come all day. Also, if you take kids to any asterisk show, they may get an education that you are not ready for them to learn. But zoos and aquariums are a little livelier, where roaring and splashing are perfectly fine for the inhabitants, anyway.

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But it took moving away and getting to come back to make us realize how much the Faire family is not "them", onstage and safely behind the fourth wall; everyone is welcome in to whatever degree you are willing to jump in.

I hate to do it, but I have to be honest and critical of my go-to "happy place" and knock it down a couple notches.

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A walk in the park Public parks are safe just choose a well-populated spot and full of activities and people-watching. Skits and Extra Skits were a little corny.

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