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Teresa…" as the daughters of "D. Portugalensium Rex et uxor mea Dona Dulcia It is possible that this document is misdated and that Afonso was born later, considering the likely birth date of his mother.

The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines refers to the wife of "Aldefonsus rex Portugallie" as "filia comitis Sabaudie" but does not name her [62]. It is probable that the second subscriber was Afonso de Portugal.

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He moved his capital to Coimbra. Regent of Portugal Enrique" as the second wife of "D. However, the epitaph itself says that it was placed inand it would not therefore be surprising if the inscription contained errors.

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Sueiro Ayres de Fornelos e D. Urraca Sanchez" children of "D. A charter dated 21 Sep records the settlement of a dispute between "Domnus Ueremudus Petri…cum uxore mea infantissa domna Urracha et cum filiis et filiabus meis" and the monks of Tojos Outos, which records that "predictus domnus Ueremundus Petri" had become a monk "in monasterium Superaddi" and that "uxor…eius infantissa domna Urracha" had become a nun "in…monasterio de Nogueirosa", subscribed by "filia eius Urracha Uermuiz, Fernandus Ueremudi, Sudarius Ueremudi, Santia Ueremudi, Tarasia Ueremudi…" [35].


The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the death in of "comitissa vetus de Flandria relicta comitis Philippi" and her burial next to her husband at Clairvaux [88].

Nun at Lorvano Sancho Rey de Portugal", specifying that they were born after his wife had died []. As noted above, the midth century Nobiliario can hardly be considered a reliable source for events which occurred more than two centuries earlier.

An early 12th century document at Fleury records that "Ainrico uni filiorum, filio…ducis Roberti" married "alteram filiam…non ex coniugali" of Alfonso VI King of Castile [20]. His establishment of the archbishopric of Braga gave Portugal ecclesiastical independence. Senhora de Montemayor el Viejo e Ourem.

The Flandria Generosa records that she was "amita" of "Fernando filio regis Portusequalis" and instrumental in arranging his marriage to her first husband's great-niece Jeanne Ctss of Flanders [87].

Beatified 23 Dec Pero Peres de Trava", and wife of "D. Sancho Rey de Portugal" and his wife "D.