Who Is Bachelor Pad 3’s Nick Peterson Dating? Who Is Bachelor Pad 3’s Nick Peterson Dating?

Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating. The bachelor star rachel truehart is getting married: see her stunning engagement ring! | e! news

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He's amazing, and for him to actually let me be Blakeley, I can actually be me and the real me comes out and I'm not so defensive and my guard doesn't come up," Blakeley told Chris Harrison of Tony. Rachel thought his selfishness was completely ridiculous because she got him to the end.

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I wanted you to be more than a partner, but once I got off [the show], I realized I wasn't falling in love. So doing a long-distance relationship, that's a huge step I wasn't willing to take," Michael told Rachel.

You are disgusting," Rachel said.

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I said, 'Let's do it, I'm onboard. This has gone so quick for both of us, but I can't picture you not [being] in my life and I care about you more than anyone I've ever been with.

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However, Jamie wasn't going to let Chris have the final word. Rachel, a former sixteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette, and Nick, a former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor, defeated former eighth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Chris Bukowski and former eleventh-season The Bachelor bachelorette Sarah Newlon to win Bachelor Pad 's grand prize.

But a relentless Jamie still continued to push Chris' buttons.

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I want to show you so bad how much I love you. Chris told her that he was truly sorry from the bottom of his heart. Jaclyn insisted Michael absolutely led Rachel on, but Michael disagreed.

Erica announced Lindzi needed to be careful because she had spotted Kalon at social events with other girls whom he seemed affectionate with, including one of his ex-girlfriends. Rachel said she thought she had found something better than money with him.

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She said she was happy to be up there with him, and in a somewhat telling reply, Nick simply said he believed they were on the same page with little emotion in his voice. Sarah told everyone she had the utmost confidence in him that he'd want to share the money with her.

I brought you here. Nobody was ever on my team, and I did this all myself. With Tony, he relaxes me, he makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me a better person, and I absolutely love him for that.

Blakeley and Tony made it clear to each other and viewers they had fallen madly in love with one another. You got stuck with me just as much as I got stuck with you," Rachel argued. Rachel never wanted to be my partner," Nick explained.


However, Nick, a year-old trainer from Tampa, FL, was the only real winner of the game, as he decided to keep all the money for himself in the end and leave Rachel, a year-old executive assistant from New York, NY, without cash or a boyfriend. But Blakeley was completely unaware that Tony had a surprise announcement of his own to make.

Don't vote for me, vote for Sarah. You're f-cking laughing right now? Nick, however, shocked everyone when he subsequently announced he had opted to "keep" the money for bitter and resentful -- but arguably justified -- reasoning.