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Strong flickering of the terrain and sun reflection in puddles at the High and Maximum graphics quality. Fixed the issue when the self-destruction timer disappeared after overturning in battle. The same sound will sound differently in mountains, forest, village, urban area, open field, etc.

Battle loading screens have been reworked. Jerking tracks when driving over obstacles. Improved behavior of AI-driven vehicles.

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Half-dynamic shadows keep being displayed after disabling grass. Fixed the issue that prevented players from retraining the crew between Premium vehicles. Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players: In some cases, when moving the mouse cursor fast around a vehicle, the camera can suddenly change its location when in the Trajectory Aim.

Removed the speed indicator that was quite resource consuming from the damage panel. Ambient Sounds Completely reworked the ambient sounds of each map.

A vehicle with mounted standard and Improved equipment cannot be sold. Known Issues Hit decals are displayed improperly sometimes. The Recruit button is displayed in the congratulation window, provided that the female crew member has already been recruited.

Improper display of the terrain under vehicle tracks.

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Gamma Settings do not work properly on some computers at the Standard graphics. The colors of the penetration indicator are sometimes wrong. Fixed the issue of double discount indication, if the sold item has a double cost in gold and credits.

Added realistic shell tracers. Now players can view the crew member's Personal File, when the vehicle is in battle. A promotion vehicle displayed on the background behind the selected vehicle will be displayed in the Garage. Progetto M35 mod 46 Improvements In case of insufficient amount of Bonds, the cost of the Improved equipment is not red, if similar standard equipment has already been mounted.

Players can hover the mouse over the vehicle and click it to move the camera to this vehicle. The effect can be disabled in the General tab of the Game Settings.

The previous Bootcamp Garage has been replaced with a new one. The notification about base capture is displayed before the required number of capture points is accumulated. Added the new winter map, "Glacier". Added animated characters to the Garage. When watching a battle replay, some shell tracers are displayed improperly.

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The order of events for received damage Dating with breast cancer sometimes mixed up in the damage log.