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Purity rules for dating, 23 guidelines to protect your purity in dating

Some people overdo it with what romance is and what they expect romance to be during the dating process.

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Outside marriage it has equally great power for bad. Satan is an expert at telling lies, and he tells them smoothly and convincingly.

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Inside marriage, sex has great power for good. The point was that sometimes guilt will tempt you to go to extremes and make you try and "atone" for your sin, somehow "proving" to God that you really are repentant.

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Please note that we knew this couple and understood their relationship and compatibility level. Having sex outside of marriage is self-destructive in every sense.

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Primary values are probably deal breakers. All I am doing is giving food for thought. Without physical boundaries, you'll feel closer than you really are.

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These are the firm biblical principles. My husband's response shocked them a little.

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There are other kinds of intimacy. The problem is we are more concerned on whether our behavior conforms to a certain code of conduct than we are the issues of our heart.

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Pray together at the beginning and end of each date. Your body belongs to God, not you. Obviously, premarital sex is out of bounds.

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Does a young man need to have financial stability before he can get married? The root of the problem is not our behavior but our heart. We all need someone to be honest with us.