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This particular postcard is dated 20 October and was used to respond to a customer inquiry. To the extreme left hand edge of David Duncan's picture can be seen a clock tower which I believe is the Merchant's Steeple.

The rounded corner at West Campbell Street emphases its modernity. Tithe maps and apportionments covering all 29 modern day parishes of the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Finding Aids for Historic Images of Buildings in the British Isles

Cambridgeshire makes available scans of a large collection of maps. This style was short-lived probably only a few months and copies are rare. Patrons would enter through a large doorway framed by two pillars each side and topped with a grand arch containing three windows.

This image seems to be of the only example ever found! It is likely that there were only a handful off differnt issues. A sign outside one of the shops on the left proclaims New Etchings by D.

Much of the street is situated on a hillside that was probably once moorland, parts of which may have been wooded and others later cultivated. The catalogue numbers matched the Winners to start with and then the first digit was dropped off the original Winner number.

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Stead in Colour Photography magazine for March-April Until Gratispool imported its US Dynachrome film in 8mm cine size only and returned it to Dynacolor for processing. We can now take a much closer look at the fine red sandstone building next door, designed by the brothers Hugh and David Barclay and completed in for Messrs.


These outlets were rapidly set up; the aim was 12 stores a month. The development of Sauchiehall Street was part of the westward growth of the city, spurred by the desire of wealthy merchants to own property on the outskirts.

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In the mids colour photography started with special paper and many chemicals. But Olympus continued to sell half frame cameras for some years thereafter.

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Martin Stead recalls visiting their office to see if they had any good ideas that could be copied in Gratispool's customer relations department. Today, the plot of land where the Gratispool building once stood is just a small carpark.