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"If you want deep change in your life, I highly recommend working with Greg. My work with him continues to leave a lasting impact for the better on me, my family and work in the church. Through Greg's able coaching, I was able to handle work-related challenges with greater clarity and compassion."      -- pastor

"I was coached by Greg Huston during a difficult and transitional year in my life. Greg helped me get my bearings and launch a course that resulted in growth and balance. I can testify to the expertise and value of the coaching program Greg has developed. And I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone at any stage of life."      -- doctor (male)

"Greg has been an immense help to me in sorting out and better handling issues at work, especially. There are no "magic bullets"; instead he asks good, probing questions that lead me to figure out the answers on my own. I had never been a recipient of any kind of coaching before, so I was a bit anxious about the process. But Greg immediately put me at ease, and soon we were off and running! Working with him has been so beneficial!"      -- public relations executive (female)


"This is incredible stuff...practical and transformational. It is better than any other marriage retreat I have been on. I will carry these learnings about myself and my partner for the rest of my life."

"This was a 4 star weekend. It was practical and hands on."

I gained priceless insight into the "dance" we do. This weekend is a must for any couple to grow and get unstuck.

"After this weekend I have a feeling that we can get through anything together as allies. I am very hopeful about our marriage."

"The experiential learning sets this weekend apart from all others."

The experiential learning sets this weekend apart from all others."

"I learned specific details about how my wife processes life that I never knew in our 30 years together. This weekend stretched me to go places I had given up on."

"This weekend has the power and potential to move people out of their heads and into their hearts. It gives couples the insight and tools they can use to improve their marriage."

"This is a weekend investment for a lifetime of rewards."

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