Dare to Soar serves men and women of faith who hunger to learn how to live more passionate, powerful lives - lives in which they fulfill the purpose for which God made them.


Founded in 1999, Dare to Soar offers:
  • Personal coaching and counseling for individuals and couples
  • Powerful, life-changing retreat experiences
  • Facilitation of unique couple's groups

You will learn to live more powerfully, taking risks and having the courage to shake things up when necessary. Your relationships with your spouse, children, friends and co-workers will become more authentic and loving. You will gain the confidence to move forward where you have stopped yourself in the past. You will get more deeply connected to your heart - your emotions and desires. You will find a safe, non-condemning place where you will discover the freedom to talk about the things you avoid and hide from others. You will be better equipped to lead the life God created you to live.

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